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Can I See Your Face Please?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by n2o_spark, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. I had myself an amusing experience today, the story:

    I was on my Motorbike and delivery a package to a mate's place of work. I was in a bit of a rush as i was late for work myself, but my tardiness is not unusual.
    So I wandered into his office building where a fat receptionist sat behind her desk. I said i'm just leaving some stuff here for my house mate, and she then said to me ' your going to have to take your helmet off '
    I asked why, as i'm in a small hurry. Another over weight ugly woman wandered over to the counter and immediately said "for security reasons of course!"
    The receptionist concurred. I took myself helmet off and asked, "if it's for security reasons would you ask the same of a Muslim? "
    They both were taken aback, I handed the items over told them who they were for and told them that's discrimination if they'd ask me to remove my helmet for security reasons but not a Muslim.
    I left and of course posted my experience to facebook.
    Which promoted a rather interesting discussion.

    So i pose this to OCAU. If security is the purpose of having me remove my helmet, should the same not apply to anyone wearing something which obscures their face? What if they were large sun glasses that hid a lot of my face? People walk into shops wearing large sunglasses very frequently.
    Or does having some religious tie negate this request?

    I posted this in another forum, but i thought it would be good to hear what other motorcyclists have experienced and their thoughts

    It should be noted I'm aware that not all Muslim women choose to wear that veil thing, and that if asked to identify themselves for such reasons they would comply. Also in banks and places as such in Muslim counties i'm told that they must remove the veil for security purposes, i'm not sure if that applies here though, perhaps someone knows.

    Excuse any spelling mistakes or bad grammar, I'm from Devonport [​IMG]
  2. Religious practices, and your choice to wear a full-face helmet, are two very different things.

    Not surprisingly this topic has been covered before, many times, usually in relation to having to remove your helmet to pay for petrol.
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  3. I'm glad you told us that the receptionist was overweight, as it's clearly critical to the discussion. The unattractiveness of the second woman is almost, but not quite, as important. Thank you for sharing.
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  4. ^ :D ^

    That was the most important detail of the story
  5. Yeah but, where they hot?
    Sorry, I'll get my coat...
  6. They were fat and ugly... So, yes.

    Why? Have you pulled?
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  7. Nah, more likely I'll be pushed for my poor humour.
    On the subject of chat up lines my favourite is "You don't sweat much for a fat girl, do you" and yes it worked on my (slim) wife when I first met her.
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  8. I was on my way back from Bega and stopped in at a petrol station near Kangaroo valley. Took my helmet off before starting to fill up, as I always do, and the service station attended praised me for doing so. Apparently people don't always do so... despite it being good manners & sort of necessary for security reasons.

    I don't think it's difficult to remove a helmet, so it isn't that unreasonable that someone would expect you to do so. Religious head coverings... well that's different. Not being Muslim female, I can only speculate, but I would imagine they would often have genuine aversion to doing so.

    And if the head-covering is the type that is acceptable in passport photographs... then a full face helmet is much more identity concealing
  9. No it's not
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  10. As far as I'm aware, it has nothing to do with religious practices in the first place, it's about gender discrimination and inequality in their bullshit culture. FLAME SUIT ON!
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  11. When you see the women at the beach in full berka, you have to wonder.
  12. No different to removing helmet at a servo.
  13. Yes the same should apply to all, but some people like to play the discriminaiton card and cry poor me.
    Just take the helmet off unless you know the people you're talking to or the petrol station attendant etc (and they know you).
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  14. It's not that hard to take off your helmet so people can see you. I have no problem with people wanting to see who it is that is delivering an anonymous package
  15. Religions should not be exempt from the discrimination act. They're rather overprotected. Just look at the catholic cover up of over 400 child abuse cases. Yeah and the bikies are the bad guys who need their guns takens away. They and the OP have a point.
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  16. Yes, it is. Why else do you think you get a day off for Christmas, but not for MotoGP?

    Whether you like it or not the law in this country sees Religion as being very different to "lifestyle choices". Don't like it, then move to France. It's about the only country that doesn't recognise Religion as an excuse for anything (but then it has other problems of its own).
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  17. The bit that pisses me off, is when the servo operator says 'it's the law'. Geez that shits me!
    On the other hand and this has only happened once. I walked in with my lid on and the attendent said, 'next time can you please remove your helmet', I responded with a why?. He said 'it's for my safety and your safety if something was to happen'. I respect him for telling the truth rather than pulling the law bullshit.

    But I would like to whip my lid off and have a burqa on under my helmet.
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  18. Just pull your helmet off and stop complaining.
    If you spoke to me away from a bike I would ask you to remove it.
    But I would use the magic word.

    If someone doesn't say please I will point at my helmet and shout "I can't hear you I have my helmet on".

    But such dickery has already been covered in other threads.
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  19. LMAO
  20. This is the first helmet removal thread since the new style.

    Two words 'flip top'