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Can I put any exhaust on GT250r?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Wulfr, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Hey folks,

    I currently have a Madaz exhaust on my GT250r and honestly, it's not very loud.

    I'm now looking for a loud pipe and was thinking about getting a loud cheapy off eBay and wanted to find out if exhausts are bike specific, or if I can just purchase one and Fit it myself - the Madaz exhaust I currently have and the baffle within it, cannot be taken out.

  2. Short answer, yes.

    Any should basically work theoretically except... the only problem with this is all of them have different mounting brackets and are mounted different ways = which is what stops you.

    Get yourself a TwoBros if you want loud.
  3. Cheers for the reply InlineSix.

    Is it worth forking over $4xx for a Two Brothers exhaust for a 250? - A mate of mine has a 650 with a Two Brothers exhaust and that's loud, however I can't imagine it'd be the same on a 250?
  4. What sort of 650 (I imagine the parallel twin 650l)? The 250 is a V-Twin, they won't have any problems when it comes to hearing loss especially when you take the bike high up into the RPM range without the baffle. It wont be INSANE loud but it will be loud enough to piss off all your neighbors when you start it up at night.

    Personally i think they are worth it, never had a problem with TwoBros. It's up to you though. Are you going to keep your bike for long (If not I'd advise against it and save for your next bike).
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  5. If you want loud for cheap... hacksaw just rear of the footpegs. Pretty - no. Grunty - no. Legal - no. Loud - yes.
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  6. I have a Megacycle, it sounds much better than stock.
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  7. Get a peg and card, attach it to the rear spokes somewhere. You've got yourself a "real" bike noise then ;)
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  8. I agree with Thera, in my GT250r I had a mega cycle slipon, from which you can take out the baffle and it was quiet loud and sounded better than the stock. Takes less than 5 minutes to change.