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Can I push start my VTR250?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by powinc, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. My battery seems to be on the way out and when I left the lights on yesterday for 15mins, the bike would not start.

    I tried push starting in 2nd gear, just like my old Sigma but with no luck.

    Any tips would be appreciated.

  2. similar to the way you push started the sigma although you prob wont need to ride it to the tip before you turn it off.
  3. Get on a hill, engage 2nd gear, pull in clutch, roll along and pop the clutch. Should start?

    Sometimes you need to pull the choke out.

    But easy peasy I used to do this on my 250 with no hassles.
  4. then get a new battery
  5. +1
  6. Depending on the bike, you might need to give it a bit of throttle.
  7. doesn't need too much throttle. You'll need to ensure you're moving at running pace to engage nicely, and the bike needs to be gaining speed at the time you engage it, otherwise it could stall and fall over

    Also make sure the key is turned to on!
  8. It helps to stand up and then drop down when releasing the clutch to apply extra weight and prevent the rear from locking. I did this for a week or so with my old bike when the battery died. Might not work when the bike is hot though, so if your unsure don't stop the engine.
  9. Yes. I've done it with mine.
  10. You sure can. I did this a few times with my old VTR250. Once due to the battery being flat as seems to be the case with you.

    You need to get a good bit of speed up so you will want a good long bit of straight flat or even better a nice hill (just make sure that if you can't get it started for some reason on the hill that you have somewhere you can push it on the flat at the bottom - you don't want to be trying to push it back up the hill).

    Just stick her in second and ease out the clutch. It should turn over. (Choke on might also be a good idea).

    Then as others have mentioned I would recommend riding straight to somewhere that you can buy a replacement battery.

    Do'h! Just realised how old this is... :(