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Can I make my helmet more comfortable?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Edd_, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    I recently got my L's and went and bought all the gear and a bike and with that I got a Shark S900C Helmet. In the beginning I was only going on short rides on the bike for around 45 minutes or so but as I've gained confidence I've been taking the bike out for longer. I'm finding that when I've had the helmet on for longer than 1:15 the top of my head gets fairly sore, more of a dull ache but noticeable and today it moved a bit more towards the front above my forehead.

    I've read that this is due to the helmet being to tight or not fitting my head shape but is there anything I can do to make it more comfortable? I don't really want to go and buy a new helmet.

    Thanks, I look forward to hearing your replies
    Ed =D
  2. If it's new, wear it a bit longer. New helmets take a little while to fully fit your lemon spread.
    If it is a severe pain, then the lid is probably either too small or the wrong shape for you, and that means buying another lid I'm afraid.
  3. Yes, you can take the lining out and shave away the styrofoam. This won't compromise the helmet, though it will reduce the cushioning by a small fraction. Work very carefully and small bits at a time. A mm will probably make all the difference.

    Or you can belt sand your forehead.
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  4. I wouldn't shave away at the styrofoam. It is part of what is meant to save you. As Tweet said, give it a little while as it will mould a little to your head. Some helmets can have different thickness foam (the soft cushioning stuff, not the styrofoam) but I don't know if this would help with the top of the head. Normally if is for the cheekbones or temples.
  5. I'm with smilee on this one. He suggested same to me some time back. My first helmet was a Shark and I had forehead squeeze problems after about an hour of wear.
    Taking out the lining and shaving a tiny amount of Styrofoam at the key pain spot was all it took. Comfy for hours!
    I do not believe the amount would have compromised the safety.
  6. I think with a lot of helmets there are only 2-3 shell sizes and the liners determine the exact size. E.g. With my Speed-R the shell and styrofoam are L/XL and the cheek pads and liner across the top are what makes it XL. I think you can mix and match liners/cheek pads.

    So if you're the right combination of size/shell and your helmet works that way, you could try getting the size down for the liner, if the cheeks are the right size. I think they're about $50/60.

    Or, get a haircut. It's surprising how much difference 6-7 weeks of hair makes.
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  7. I was recommended by the manufacturer to do it. There were even pre cuts to make the process a bit easier.
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  8. Give it some time my shark did that at first, I can wear it all day now no issues. It's a newbie error being too keen to mess with things.
  9. Woah! Have been out all afternoon just got home thanks for all the replies.

    This sounds like a fair point I've probably only worn it about 15 times so I'll try give it a bit more time.

    If wearing it a few more times doesn't mould it a bit more to my head i'll try this and take out the liner and then the shaving option although I'm hesitant at the moment but I'm with you I don't want to have to spend the money on a new helmet. Otherwise I'll crack out the belt sander.:banghead:
  10. I would probably try this one first before shaving away the foam just because I'm a bit worried about the integrity of the helmet, even though smilee did say it was recommended. Although I wonder if they would let me try out different liners at the store before buying but then again its unlikely I'm going to sit in the store with my helmet on for an hour to see if the pain arrives! :whistle:

    Either way it looks like I have quite a few options to try out before going and buying another one.