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Can I lecture the girlfriend over this?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by smileedude, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. So the dudette leaves for work, I get out of the house maybe 5 minutes later. I take my little motorbike only shortcut and continue on my way.

    About 10 minutes later I'm riding in the left lane and all of a sudden a car pulls out through a side street on my right, the corner was blind and they barely slowed down so there was almost no time between no car visibile and car crossing the road in front of me. I had no idea of they saw me. E-break starts, horn goes on before I realise that a) they are going into the right lane and not going to hit me, and b) it's my car with the dudette behind the wheel.

    I start yelling at her at the next lights that she didn't see me, she says she did but she was going into the right lane so it was OK.

    So question is can I lecture her tonight? Is this a dick move to turn into a road with someone already on it even if your not going into their lane? For me it seems OK coming out on the left but not OK on the right.
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  2. Depends.... how much do you value your sex life :)
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  3. Just realised she picked all the chicken out of my lunch too. Grrrrrr
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  4. Leave it alone smilee.
    a) You only need one lane
    b) One you miss out on is one you never get back
  5. really confused by that description. did she cut across you, or did she pull into a different lane?

    I'm actually thinking "That's a paddlin".
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  6. #6 smileedude, Jul 23, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2013
    She pulled out from my right, she didn't come accross me but she entered the right lane, I was in the left. So no real risk in the end but got me jumping on the brakes. If it wasn't the dudette I would have forgetten about it by now.
  7. Initially im thinking leave it... till you mentioned the chicken.
    Time to ask the tough questions and re-assess her commitment to the relationship.
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  8. Why lecture? You're both adults. Just explain to her why it made you nervous. If you aren't "allowed" to explain your thoughts and feelings to your partner....get a new one.
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  9. LOL. She has no idea that you're not a mind reader.

    I had an ex girlfriend like that once. She though it was perfectly fine to leave her handbag or purse in the centre consol of my car. When I told her not to, she insisted it was ok because she had nothing of value in them. She couldn't comprehend ( or care perhaps) that a thief could run up a $1K bill damaging my car to get to her empty purse. Notice I said ex?

    Your solution is to make her understand. Offer to give her a lift to work on your bike one morning ( after letting down a couple of tyres on her car or pulling a few plug leads LOL). This will be a big eye opener for her if she isn't used to it.

    When she sees her life flashing before her eyes and she needs a change of undies upon arriving at work, it may make her realise that you didn't know which lane she was pulling into, only that a car was potentially entering your space and that you weren't to know! Oh and make sure you do her lunch that morning too!
  10. iblast, I think you missed the ff;

  11. Before this gets carried away, the relationship is great. She just cannot drive for shit and thinks that she can. By lecture I mean tell her shes a dickhead. We are comfortable calling each other dickheads and not taking it too much to heart.
  12. Someone pulls out of a side street into their closest lane, which happens to be a lane you're not using. Sounds like she did everything a good driver should do.
  13. too late now smilee............... once pandoras box is open very hard to get it closed again.:ROFLMAO:
  14. The girlfriends name is Pandora?
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  15. except obey the law.

    Though, agree it's not a big deal.

    Still enough of an excuse for a paddlin.

  17. Though I probably gave a fright to a few drivers while splitting like a boss down the motorway a few minutes later.
  18. The chicken thing was a dick move. Definitely worth a lecture.
  19. I'm way too ugly to reject girls based on their driving ability.
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  20. Give her a good spankin'