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NSW Can I get insurance for a bike registered to my fiance??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Danielt, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. So my fiance is moving in with me at the end of the month.:)

    At the moment I have a car and she doesn't have any vehicle. We decided that the best thing in our situation is one motorbike, that I can ride, and the car I already own for her. Saves us money blah blah blah plus I get on a bike again!

    So the plan is she will take my car to drive to and from work (VE commodore SSV) and in exchange she will buy a Black Ninja 300 that is ready for pickup on the weekend which I will ride.

    The thing is, she doesn't have a motorbike license. If it's registered to her.... can I get insurance listing me as the rider if she isn't going to ride it ever?? Or will it have to be registered in my name?????
  2. You can do it in her name. Just make sure you are included as the regular rider for insurance.
  3. Hmm,
    I was just doing the insuremyride online quite thingy, and when it asks me "Are you the owner" if I select no it won't let me go further which had me worried.
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    Might be a requirement with IMR.
    I do the same as what you are trying to do with a Car that is registered in another name but I have a financial interest in - I'd get any payment from Insurance.
    With IMR you might be able to out it her name with your details as the rider. Would need to check if they accept that though.

    Edit: Checked the IMR form and they ask about "you" and how long you have had your license so they seem to assume person with the policy is also a rider.
  5. Which is why you should read their PDS.
    They'll only insure you if you're the owner of the bike, and have a licence to ride it (see page 11).
  6. +1 for JD's answer. Obtaining insurance and being able to claim on a policy when you have an interest in the goods are 2 entirely different things.

    Why over-complicate things? Just buy the bike in your name :)
  7. Yeah,
    I rang NRMA and they said it wouldn't be a drama so if IMR is out i might just go NRMA. Either iway im just itching to get back on a bike again. Its been a long bikeless year :(.