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can i get a road/intersection cleaned?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MONKEYMAN, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. As i merrilly fish tailed my way to work this morning, i could not help but notice just how slippery the roads are getting lately.:-k
    If you live in Melbourne you may have noticed that it's always wet, permanently, forever.
    Theres an intersection i stop at daily, because yes the lights are always red there ALWAYS... and it's a delicate operation comming to a stop there as you slip and slide on in and hopefully end up somewhere in the relative vicinity of the wide white line occasionally.
    Today i happenned to look down at the road whilst waiting at the always red lights.. and i was just appalled at the amount of grease and grime build up there.. honestly it's like 5-10 mm thick of just slippery sludge... i sometimes see cars slide in sideways and they've got like 4 wheels.

    So i'm wandering is there some authority i can call or write to, that will come out and clean it, like a high pressure hose and detergent or something?.. does this ever happen?.. or does it just build up, year after year, decade after decade... because it's just ridiculous.

    I have the best tires and suspension i can buy, and front brake disks the size of pizzas... but all for nought, makes no diference.](*,)

  2. which one, so I can avoid it
  3. Yes, these intersections are self-cleaning. Eventually there'll be a good pile-up and the fireball will burn all that shit off the road.
  4. Call the line above.. then go to work the next morning with a bottle of dishwashing liquid and cover the area... maybe between it and some drizzle it can break down a bit of grease... ?
  5. Awesome call.
  6. Try the local council or a better bet might be lodge your concern with Plod at the local station as it's very likely there'll be a very serious crash there if it's not cleaned up asap. They should get the council and/or fire brigade to clean it up.
  7. Who are you trying to kill?:-s

    For a quick experiment......
    1. Drizzle some dishwashing liquid over your kitchen floor.
    2. Take a good run up and try to stop on the section of floor you covered.
    3. Pick yourself up and record your results before you repair the wall you slid into. :)
  8. For weeks now Canterbury rd and rooks rd has had stones, gravel on it. and before that heaps of bark. turning there i'm always careful now.
  9. thanks guys, yeah i think i will ring victards...ta for the link... well, i can start with victards and see where it leads, probably full circle back to victards

    i vaguely remember those street cleaning vehicles with the swirly brushes out front.. but i have'nt seen one around my way for years... or maybe i've only seen them in movies... or maybe i just imagined them.

    it's not a spill so i can't really report it as such, but it's just as bad...
  10. Well I missed the part about "then avoid the intersection like the plague.. it will be cleaned the next day after all the pile ups". :D
  11. They do exist but only really clean the gutters rather than the whole road surface.

    The thing to remember is that with so called Climate Change/Global Warming/Drought we haven't had as much rain as usual until recently.

    This has resulted in;
    - People forgetting how to drive/ride on wet slippery roads &
    - The rain helping to wash away the dust, dirt & oil build up.

    You need to determine if the road/intersection is "owned" by Victor Roads or the local council so the corrdct group cleans up the mess.
  12. Post the address so we can a) avoid it and b) work out which bunch of clowns are responsible for the maintenance.
  13. report it to both and add a message that If you crash you will hold the addressee fully responsible for any and all damages..
  14. If you wanted to take matters into your own hands, would sand help? The sand would absorb the grime and get washed away when it rains. Loose sand would be more grippy than oil, that's what they put on oil spills isn't it?
  15. they should be putting "oil dry" (basically kitty litter) on oil spills

    Is there a chance that what you're seeing is not a build up of oil, but bitumen "bleeding" from the road surface?
  16. :idea: :!: Vicroads hazard line: 131170 :!: :idea:

    Call it any time for any debris or road condition that makes the road dangerous for motorcyclists.
  17. I'm sick of riding through pools glass on the road after there's been a smash, especially at intersections where you're ability to navigate around it is reduced. It should be an obligation on the blokes who do the tow-aways to at least sweap this stuff into the gutter. One man, one broom, two minutes would be all it'd take.
  18. And 1 goat.. set out on the ultimate adventure of friendship and trust.. all to save the world from the impending doom of oil and grease..
  19. Spare a thought for cyclists, whose lanes and the sides of the roads are littered with what's called "bogan droppings" i.e., smashed VB bottles... I know exactly where you're coming from.