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Can i get a LAMS bike in QLD?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickeym, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Hey i'm able to get my open licence with q-ride in a few months, but i don't want to go straight to a full power 650 cruiser. Does anyone know if its possible to get a LAMS approved bike in QLD.

    I'm looking at either the XVS650 or GV650.
  2. Not sure I understand your question...

    Your thinking about getting a XVS650 or GV650 prior to getting your open license via q-ride, and want to know if Qld has LAMS that would thus allow you to do so?
  3. I assume you mean you're interested in getting a restricted power 650, because you're worried about the power?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the XVS650 actually qualifies for LAM's with no power restrictions. It's combination of a lazy V-twin engine, with useless cruiser bulk gives it a pretty mediocre power/weight ratio.

    Yamaha doesn't do much to advertise the fact this bike is LAM's legal, and I imagine this is because it wasn't specifically designed to be, and they don't want to advertise its average performance against the competition.

    My personal opinion is that power is a lesser concern to weight when upgrading.

    You can always use the right hand to limit power delivery. No cruiser is going to really cause you significant problems in this concern with their deliberately smooth delivery.

    Weight on the other hand is unavoidable, and only you can decide if you're ready to handle it. Not that it'll be that bad on a 650, but you have to be comfortable with the fact you may drop your new bike at low speeds.
  4. I just worked out power to weight on XVS650:


    Power: 39.42 HP (28.8 kW)) @ 6500 RPM

    Dry weight: 220.0 kg (485.0 pounds)

    Maths: 1000/220kg = 4.5

    28.8kw X 4.5 = 130.9kw/ per tonne

    LAM's requires less than 150kw per 1000kg's, so I was right, the regular unrestricted version is weak enough to qualify.

    The version you buy in Queensland/NSW's/Anywhere will be indentical.

    Just don't expect to be going anywhere fast :LOL:
  5. Jez i neva realised that the yamaha has so little power to weight ratio.

    And yes sry i wasn't too clear on what i wanted, but kols had it right, i wanted a LAMS bike because i was worried about the power, saves me starting on a 250. But QLD doesn't have LAMSyet that won't worry me becoz i will have my opens soon.

    So i wanted to know if i could still get a resistricted bike in QLD.

    SO the yamaha wouldn't need restictors, anyone know about the hyosung GV650?
  6. Doubtless, no queensland dealer would stock the LAM's restricted version of any Hyosung because there would be no demand for it.

    You could always go the mexican route, i.e. below the border.

    Or try and find a used one that was bought in NSW (Though they're new, so probally unlikely to find one).

    What bike are you used to riding? If you're looking to upgrade you should be confident to use 110% of the power of the bike you're selling. Can you handle it to its very limits?

    Are you stuck on the cruiser thing?, Not that I mind, unlike some people, but as I mentioned I think weight matters more and the transistion to a larger bike will be easiest the less it weighs.

    A good first big bike, if you want the size and good but not full-on power would be the Suzuki GS500.
  7. um....

    any cruiser isn't going to blow you away with power..

    forget lams, you've got an open licence buy what looks the prettiest :)
  8. not used to riding any bike, i'm totally new to riding, only reason i could get my opens is because of q-ride as i've had my car licence for 3 years.

    I'm not set on the crusier thing as i will wait untill i get my opens and test ride every bike out there. But since i sat on a XVS250 at a motorshow i was in love with the low slung laided back feel of a crusier. A sports bike feels hot, but i feel at home on a crusier.

    I love the look of the GV650, and reviews have said its a powerful street cruiser, given nothing like a 600 sports bike, but honestly they scare me a lil at this stage.

    But like i said i won't get hopes up till i have a ride of all types.

    Back to the LAMS, so i wouldn't b able to get a retailer to order a LAMS bike?
  9. you could always move to NSW

    for someone who has go hard or go home in their sig you want a soft bike???

    it doesn't matter diddly squat how much power a bike has it's all in your wrist anyway..
  10. just coz i like to go hard doesn't mean i like to be stupid about it.

    Well its one of the many reasons i like the GV because of its power for a cruiser.

    moving to NSW eh? Yea well i do know those hot girls down in sydney.... might not be a bad idea, hehe.
  11. Just thought I'd correct myself, I really stuffed up this calculation.

    I forgot something simple.

    The RTA's power to weight calculation's take into account the weight of the rider, adding 70kg's as a good average weight. This is important of course, because the power to weight ratio's of a bike with no rider are imaginary. A bike always has that extra 70kg's.

    A good example of a bike this is the bike I'm hoping to get next a Yamaha SZR660 :
    As you can see If you took the 70kg rider out of the equation it wouldn't be learner legal.

    So the revised calculation for the XVS650, now weighing 290kg with the addition of a 70kg rider is as follows:

    Power: 39.42 HP (28.8 kW)) @ 6500 RPM

    Weight: 290.0 kg

    Maths: 1000/290kg = 3.4

    28.8kw X 3.4 = 99.3kw/ per tonne

    Just gets slower and slower :LOL: