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NSW Can I extend my learners?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kelvinc, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    I have booked in for a test next Monday and just found out that my company is going through a product recall today.

    My Ls expire next Wedensday but eventhough I have taken a day off, I might need to go in to work on Monday.

    I think I can't extend my Ls but can anyone confirm this?


  2. Re: Can I extend my learners?

    Don't know where you are Kelvinc, in VIC you used to be able to before LAMS but unfortunately not anymore.
  3. Re: Can I extend my learners?

    Sorry about that, should have specified my location. I am in Sydney, NSW. Thanks.
  4. Re: Can I extend my learners?

    Renewal or reissue of learner rider licence

    An applicant for a second or subsequent learner rider licence must go through the same procedures as an applicant for a first learner rider licence, including rider training, if living in an area covered by the Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme. There is no provision for the issue of a learner rider's licence without the engine capacity and power to weight restriction.
  5. Re: Can I extend my learners?

    Hi Goz,

    I read that to mean "No" then.

    I guess I have no choice but to go through the test on Monday. Sure hope I can keep my mind concentrated on the test !

    My work always seem to get in the way of fun, but I guess it pays for my hobbies !


  6. Re: Can I extend my learners?

    it's just work. put your life first, work second. we only live once - carpe diem!!
  7. Can I extend my learners?

    Carpe scrotum - grab it by the balls.
  8. Re: Can I extend my learners?

    In SA you can only have your L's up to a max 2 years, otherwise you sit the L's test again
  9. Re: Can I extend my learners?

    As far as i know of, you cannot extend your learners. Peroid.
  10. Re: Can I extend my learners?

    in queensland they dont expire i was on my learners for 14 years lol
  11. Re: Can I extend my learners?

    interesting.....my friend got her Ls extended just a month ago (NSW)
    maybe go to the RTA and see what the go is
  12. Re: Can I extend my learners?

    Okay, I finally have the answer but the outcome was not as good. You can extend your learners but if you pass the first part of the Ps program. You obviously need to extend because, you guessed it, I failed the actual second part which is the test.

    The good part is that it was my first ride in the rain, not that I actually wanted to ride in the rain but it was alright but limited visibility as water stuck to my googles (supermotard bike).

    Anyway, bike handled very well and I did fine on the first part.

    Now, after lunch, things started going downhill. I did my Ps at Clyde and it is below a highway, very dark and due to rain lots of water puddles.

    Did a few things fine but the longer I did the cone test, the harder it became. Not sure if my bike was overheating as well and tyres seemed to be still cold. Me, I was beginning to feel tired and lose concentration.

    Anyway, end result was I put a foot down during the cone test and then twice and then totally lost concentration as I was so angry with myself. I had gone to the Homebush site to practice myself and I did it then.

    So, yes, you can extend your Ls if you did the first part of the test. The extension is for 1 year.

    Question for the experts; I should be able to do this on my supermotard but due to lack of confidence (nerves goes when being tested), should i rent their bikes for the test? It looks like the lower centre of gravity should help.

    Tick one for experience but a hit on the confidence. I am starting to be paranoid over those cone tests.


  13. Re: Can I extend my learners?

    The bikes you hire are very suited to the test. Though I would recommend doing to training beforehand, so you can get used to the bike. Worst bike I can think of is anything with low handle bars, doesn't allow you to have easy throttle control at full lock.
  14. Re: Can I extend my learners?

    come to Homebush next week and i will let you know
  15. So is it still possible to extend your L's in NSW if you have completed the first part of the P's course and only failed the MOST test??
  16. It seems testing in each state is totally different. I remember back when I went for my test, L and P's, both were in one confined parking lot type setting.