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Can I drill out my VTR250 Muffler Baffles?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by powinc, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Can I drill out my VTR250 muffle baffles for a meatier sound? Or does the engine rely on the baffles for back pressure and fuel economy?

  2. Drill it out, paint the muffler black and then it won't attract homos.
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    and then place some pink ribbon around your mirrors
  4. It hurts when I laugh so much.
  5. Yes. :)

    If you wanted to you could get it re jetted to suit afterwards, but I don't think it will make too much difference.
  6. grab a second hand one and experiment. if you get what you want then maybe do it to your original one. keep in mind that if you sell not everyone wants an exhaust that has been drilled.
  7. On a more serious note it is pretty easy to do. I remember reading a post about a guy who did it before. Just got a drilled and straight down, three or four times into the muffler. Easy.
  8. Hey powinc, this may help..

    Funny that I read this thread when I did.. I was just about to post, which I will in a minute a post about my Exhuast and how I WANT MORE NOISE!!! as the last lot of Mods I have done, all be it great, Im growing out of..

    i then remembered this post I did a while ago - hope it helps.

  9. I kid you not, in the background while i was reading this song an advert for south park came on with a character singing "in the ghetttoooooo"
  10. Yes its Cartman singing 'in the ghetto'
  11. Yes, just drill 2 small holes and add more holes/enlarge to taste. Did it on my 250 and know many who have, just to get a bit more exhaust tone without costing anything (other than possibly a drill bit or two).
  12. ROFL I was just thinking "spokie-dokes" but wouldn't have spoked wheels on a VTR :(
  13. Yes you can drill it out.

    But dont.

    Save your stock on incase an RTA inspector wants to give your bike the once over, then if he pulls you up on it you just change it over and your right to go, otherwise you have to source another stock can.

    Also makes the bike easier to sell when it hasn't been cut up in a dodgey way.
  14. I drilled my muffler. Didn't touch the baffle.

    The stock exhaust can on a VTR250 has a back plate welded to the cylinder shaped muffler. On this back plate you have have six holes ~6mm evenly spaced.
    I drilled through each hole and then into the muffler can itself with 8mm drill bit. I ended up having 8mm x6 holes in the end.
    It has not needed any re-jetting since the thing breathes a little better (engine revs faster to redline) and sounds alot better than the athsmatic wheez of previous.
    The bonus thing is that the baffler 200mm or so down into the muffler can (which you can see) is not touched, so when ol' RTA inspector has a quick once-over they can see that the baffler is intact and unmolested.

    I'm very happy with since it did not cost a cent, runs better and sounds better!
  15. that sounds awesome

    I have a vtr250 as well and I have been wondering if i can get some sound and performance without an aftermarket can or leaving myself liable to the RTA and whatnot.

    would it be possible for you to post a pic or some detailed instructions? I am quite hamfisted and might do the complete wrong thing without

    thank you :)
  16. i wish i could post the link.

    i saw a pretty funny "how to" video on youtube where a guy gets a hole-saw bit on an extender pole which is only just fits into his exhaust pipe.

    puts the thing straight down it and drills out the baffle (twice). 2min mod and it sounded beasty but slightly sloppy at the same time. the proper custom exhausts sound a little tighter.

    if you arent too fussed though you may consider something silly like drilling holes through the sides of your exhaust or whatever you fancy

    also when i put a pipe on my cbr 250 i lost a fair whack of down low power untill it was richened up a little.

    i reckon you should consider the tuning of the thing before meddling with the pipe as losing down low power on a 250 is something you dont want.
  17. Yeah Your definitely right there

    Although the VTR does have a pretty lazy power curve(6k-10.5k)... for a 250

    I was considering trashing the idea, but i have re-ignited my interest when i found out the cost of upgrading to a 650. Comprehensive costs approx 60-70% the value of the bike(4k) and CTP is about 700$. And i was having trouble scrambling together enough for the difference between bike prices (about 1, 1.5k)

    that said I'm only 18..

    which is why i might keep the vtr, because it is fun, and i can actually afford it

    Edit: the value of the insurance is 4k, the value of the bike about 6.5