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QLD Can I avoid LAMS?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by y31kid, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, new member here so please be nice :)

    I've moved to QLD just recently from the northern rivers NSW and have decided I'd like a bike license again (I just picked up a gsxr600 srad for peanuts). However I've only ever had my L's (and they're expired now) and am wondering if there is anyway to skip the lams bullshit? I've had my open car license for 4 years and L's for one, does L's in nsw equate to qld RE?

    Also before I get grilled about progressively learning on smaller bikes, in the time I had my L's I had 2 cbr250s an xs400, wr426. And I have ridden plenty of 600s, I am totally capable of riding a 600 safely if not safer than a 250.

  2. No way around it, in nsw if your over a certain age u only do ps for 1 year. Not sure if that applies to qld. Just pull the 600 stickers off it and get some 250 ones made up like I did and cross your fingers. ;-) stupid cops never got me
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  3. If you feel you are competent then do the 1 day Q-Ride ... should be easy for someone who can handle the bikes you list :)

    Check the LAMS list to make sure your intended bike adheres to the legislation ... in the current circumstances you would not want to be pulled over and found derelict in your adherence to the law ;)
  4. When I got my license (having never ridden a bike before), I went via Q-Ride. If Qld still has that system you might check it out.

    That's because you've probably only ridden 250s with scooter wheels. Seriously, some are so skinny, they'll be dangerous on a shopping trolley.

    Oh, and some larger bikes are covered by LAMS in Qld. It shouldn't be too hard to Google up a list.
  5. Yeah. Now we have LAMS, being on restrictions is nowhere near as, uh, restrictive :p. Some of the bikes on the list are actually plenty fun even for experienced riders, too. Hell, before LAMS, they were for exclusively for riders with some experience.

    Oh, and what was the reason for going through four bikes in twelve months?
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    1. You cannot avoid it.
    2. You won't be able to ride the gixx legally on LAMS.
    3. Welcome to bureaucracy.

    NSW Ls is same as Qld Ls
    NSW RE is the same as Qld RE

    for all intents & purposes that is
  7. q-ride USED to do one day courses.... thats what i did... but they closed it cause too many clowns went and bought r1's and wiped themselves out.
  8. There's one potential loop-hole (I used it), but the OP doesn't have the necessary prerequisite (already discussed it via PM): overseas licence conversion.
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  9. Cheers for the responses guys. I've done some research and I will have to bite the bullet and jump through all the necessary hoops until I can ride the bike I want.
  10. Not true @ trd2000 ... There are currently one day courses available through most, if not all, Q-Ride providers

    All RE riders are restricted to LAMS for at least the 1st year.
    Your RE serves as a 'learner' permit for an R class bike once the provisions have been met.
    Upgrading to an open R requires re-testing which can be done via a Q-Ride course.
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  11. Since when is Tasmania another country? Actually, scratch that :D
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  12. Dunno why you are worried about what you are allowed to ride in Q'land, surely, with your credentials, one of the Moto2 teams will sign you up.
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  13. CrazyCam

    To qualify for the Qride course i would have to have had my re learners for one year. I have Had my nsw L's for 1 year but being overwhelmed with a new job and moving to qld I missed my opportunity to upgrade to P's, and my nsw L's expired which means I have to resit the practical riding course all over again and stick it out until I can get my P's.

    The good news is, I've found an absolutely immaculate FZR400 lams approved, which will tie me over until I can go through the Qride stuff...

  14. That is not correct ... in Qld once you do the five questions and been given your RE learners you can book in immediately for a Q-Ride course which, if successful, will give you an RE license. There is no time requirement. TMR one day ... RE license the next.
  15. Really? Could I then ride unrestricted?
  16. Once you obtain your RE license you will be restricted to a LAMS compliant bike until you qualify for an R license.
    A rider with an RE license does not have to be accompanied.
    I would suggest you contact a Q-Ride provider to lead you through the requirements.
  17. Cheers mate, very insightful.
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    so you can still go straight to a big bike? if so, i satand corrected and thanks for the info.

    thats what i did but i thought they closed it down a few years back.


    actually cancel that, it's misleading. qride does allow you to go to an RE provisional without doing 6 months on a learner license but the benefit is now negligable. you're still on a LAMS bike until you get your class R license.... Qride no longer allows you to go get a big bike ...
  19. My Q-ride course was only about 3 hours all up one on one. Slow ride through some cones couple of emergency stops and a quick ride through the back streets before stopping in for lunch on the way back to the school. Go see Rick Haidle up at caboolture good service.

  20. I'm not sure how the benefit is negligible. You still have to do your 12 months on the RE regardless to get your R so you can ride a non restricted bike. In other words, the sooner you get your RE, the sooner you 12 months is up and you can get your "big" bike.