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Can embarrassing be cool?

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Mark Gibbons, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. The answer is no, it cannot

    but here's my idea of making a regrettable purchase seem some-what exciting.


    While I'm here, I'll throw in a snap of my CBR 250R that was stolen, and then found severely damaged, until 'Bluer6' gave me a message and helped me out with the rebuild. Props!


  2. "Cool" is doing your own thing, doing your own thing is inherently cool*

    *NB does not include molesting dogs/cats/goats
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  3. Its only embarassing if you embarrassed. As for cool, one of those bikes rates well into the MegaFonzies, and it isn't the cbrrrrrrrrrrrrr;)
  4. Personally I think the under powered sports bike is the more embarrassing of the two.

    the Madass is what it is, a stripped down city commuter.

    I ride a 125cc scoot 5 days a week and couldn't give a fcuk what anyone thinks as I filter past them and get home quicker.

    but then I don't have piercings and tattoos so i can look like everyone else, or listen to the latest fabricated pop idol featuring some black guy either so maybe I don't know what cool is.
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  5. I followed one on the Princes Hwy the other day...
    Remember seeing such things riding around the back streets of Melton with a topless rider missing his helmet.
    No doubt it's a fun ride though
  6. so your saying im not cool then
  7. I'm saying you need to work on your grammar.
  8. Madass is way cooler. I used to just wheelie mine all over the place.
  9. Nah... you are too hot to be cool
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