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Can cyclists lose licence points?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by waedwe, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Can cyclists lose licence points? (NSW)

    was reading today about a push bike rider bashing a bus driver for passing him in a bus only T lane, obviously assualt and other charges can be layed for such a thing, what i wanted to know was, can cyclists lose licence points if they have 1 for illegal road use.
    the article implies there is a problem with illegal use in this lane , if it were cars or motorbikes they lose points via cameras, if caught can cyclists lose points?

    linky to article http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/ne...-with-bus-driver/story-e6freuy9-1225791150829

  2. VicRoads says they only are subject to fines for traffic offences.
  3. I'm sure I heard an announcement only last week from the state government that certain offenses on cycles would result in loss of points from driving licenses. It may not have made ot onto Vicroads site yet.
  4. In Victoria, cyclists are defined as fully fledged road vehicles and are now completely open to all penalties that apply to all road users, e.g. DUI, mobile phone use, not complying with traffic controls etc etc. I think the penalties are only limited to financial penalties though since there is no licence applicable to cycling.

    The article refers to registration issues... it doesn't matter how you slice it, registering bicycles for the road ends up being an administration nightmare and money black pit of the worst order for no net gain.

    And for the ignorant !@#$ thinking: "if they're not registered they shouldn't use the road" - registration is not about road maintenance. Roads are built and maintained through general revenue. Registration is about administering vehicles and their impact on broader society. Plus, since most cyclists have multiple registered vehicles, using your own logic then, they've well and truly paid for access to the roads. So let it go.
  5. Taking that flawed logic one step further, just because my car is licensed why should i have to license my motorcycle?!
  6. ooh, yes good idea. That will fix the problem.

    About ID'ing the cyclist, surely the bus has cameras on it... only the dinosaur ones don't and private bus companies arent allowed to use them because they are too old. It's fine for state transit to use them however.
  7. titus i heard that too.
  8. Here's the current VicRoads website posting:
  9. Not that this even affects me - yet - but how do regular road laws affect you if youre riding on paths rather than out in the traffic? Can you even be booked for DUI or mobile phone usage off the road?
  10. Indeed. Why is there more than one registration? You can't drive more than one vehicle at a time.

    Don't get matters confused. Most knuckle heads go the "my registration pays for the roads, so if you're not registered, get off my road!" argument. Registration DOES NOT pay for the roads.

    If you have a cogent argument, make it.

    The cyclist case about knuckle headed challenges to using the roads is here: http://www.bv.com.au/bikes-&-riding/10532/

    As for the cyclist in the article, he's broken several laws and if caught should suffer the appropriate penalties. Along the vein of we motorcyclists arguing the rational reasons for splitting - which is marginally legal in Vic and absolutely illegal in other states, the cyclist was using the transit lane illegally - obviously safer than the alternatives. Whether the cyclist was there illegally or not, the bus driver had no right to harass and threaten the cyclist. Why else would the cyclist have lost his cool? If the bus driver was being held up by a cyclist at 5am on a main road/freeway then frankly the bus driver should give up his licence.
  11. A police car pulled me over on my bicycle last year for running a red light; this was around midnight with no other vehicles on the road (apart from the police car)! I ran it as the signals were on a sensor and wouldn't change to green. Fortunately he let me off; by the letter of the law he could have fined me $220, so I got lucky.

    You can't get demerit points in Victoria (not according to Bicycle Victoria anyway)
  12. Apparently yes. You can even be booked for DUI if you're in charge of a road vehicle on a private property. You can be done for DUI riding a horse in extreme cases.

    On a bike path, riders are less likely to be caught since generally the paths are off the main road. But paths are shared between slow and fast moving cyclists, pedestrians, walkers, skaters, peds with pets etc., so most cyclists who can get up some speed refer the roads - it's actually safer, i.e., fewer control decisions need to be made and all traffic generally moving in the same direction.
  13. Police late this afternoon made an announcement via radio news broadcast that they 'had the identity of the criminal on the bus' camera'..... and were asking him to come forward and give himself up, adding that he was facing 'several serious charges'.
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  15. so fines can be levied but no loss of points it seems, was wondering as it has been pointed out earlier by robsalv that you can lose your licence for riding bikes or horses or ride on lawn mowers etc on the road intoxicated but with no licence for bikes demerit points wouldn't apply.
    Makes sense really lose all your points for cycling offences, you'd be forced to wait for it, cycle to work :LOL:
    i read some of the readers comments at the bottom of the article, it was like the anti motorbike people wrote in, but just changed motorbike menace to bikes and added rego to there vent, but were just the same whingers
  16. Just to clarify a few points. In Vic Exceed PCA and DUI are two differant offences.
    -You can be charged with Exceed PCA anywhere just like "Hoon" offences can occur anywhere.
    -You can ride a pushbike whilst talking on your mobile phone.
    -There are two seperate offence codes for going through a red light. On your pushy it has no Demerit Points whilst on a motorcycle/car it has 3 points.
    -If you ride/drive on the footpath you can be charged as it is still defined as a "Highway" as it is a "road related area."

    Oh and Waedwe, time to change your quote as the mighty Melbourne Storm are the premiers again.
  17. Bike paths suck!

    Last saturday I transitioned off the road because I knew there was a long path nearby and almost as soon i'm on the bloody thing and rounding a blind corner this silly woman and her labrador which was off its leash comes bolting around the bend so i change my line, miss the adorable mutt by inches and hit the bloody leaves at the side of the path and go for a 20-25 k/hr slide on the path with no gloves, and nothing but my clothes for protection.

    Needless to say the next 20 kilometres riding home with half the skin hanging off both my palms and elbow was not comfortable and the drop onto the hip and shoulder didn't make the experience any more desirable! :censored:

    I'm going glove shopping this week, I should've known better than to ride without gloves. My hands look like bloody mincemeat!
  18. mine reads 2010 next year is ours [-o<
  19. I've seen a bicycle being pulled over by police going down the hill into Newport, I assume for speeding as the highway car was behind and the traffic doing the legal 60, the bicycle picking up a fair bit of speed down the hill. No idea what happened with it, but was pretty funny at the time.
  20. DUI on a pushbike? If there's anything that is over-regulation, that is. I've cycled home from parties completely wasted (maaaaaan) many times.