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CAN-bus or not?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by anomalous, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Any honda mechanics out there? I'm trying to find out if an '08 CB600F Hornet uses CAN-bus. Also trying to locate a full schematic of the electrics.

    if anyone can help, please post.


  2. A Google search of "08 CB600F Hornet uses CAN-bus" returns no 1st page results that indicate it is or does. I think it's unlikely.

    Off the top of my head, I think I heard something about the new BMW 1600/6 having CAN-Bus and being (?) the first production motorcycle so equipped? It is still very new cutting edge tech in high end cars.

    B-Manual have (apparently) a free downloadable service manual for a CB600F hornet '06. Not quite what you asked for but... There seems to be plenty of stuff out there. Google is your friend for stuff like this. I found heaps of stuff with "08 CB600F Hornet electrical schematic" as a Google search string.
  3. When you say CAN-bus do you mean the connector that allows you to hook up a OBDII computer to it? If so I have a heap of info I can give you.
  4. quite possibly. I'm just getting my head around this now, but I think that CAN is one of a number of communication schemes that are part of the OBD-II standard, and (if it is implemented) is accessible via the OBD-II connector.

    I don't know whether CAN is implemented on the late model Hornets, but it is becoming more and more common in vehicles these days. The standard itself is pretty old, but only started to be used in vehicles around 10 years ago. I'm not sure if it has (or when it did) make it into bikes.

    Any info you've got would be great. I have access to a digital analyser that recognises CAN (amongst other things) - which is why I asked.

    and on wiring diagrams/shop manuals, there is plenty to be found online for older hornets, but ive found nothing for anything 07 onward...


  5. CAN fan bus systems have been used on some BMW motorcycles for a few years now. Not everyone is a fan due to the difficulty of adding/changing anything electrical on those bikes.

  6. Hey E2W, I'm definitely interested in any info you have about obdii and the late model hornets. PM me if you can. thanks