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NSW Can Anything be done to challenge license laws

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by autonomy, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Hi there,

    this may be a stupid question, i'm gonna ask it anyway, i just want a fuller picture of motorcycle license laws.

    but first, some background. i'm 32, i started riding when i was 3, continued to my early twenties. as it was mainly motorcross, i never got a road license then life & other things took over.

    a few years back when the license laws were changing, i went and got my L's with the intention of bypassing that bullshit law coming in. fortunately and not so fortunately, i went to work overseas (and ride all manner of bikes) and they expired.

    been back this year, and re-did my L's 3months ago, bout to get my P's and i seem to be in the boat a lot of people are in, experienced, mature, but no freedom to do what they should be able to do.

    i agree with restricting bikes for learners and people under a certain age, but these laws, like the car laws are completely misguided when it comes to age.

    as someone with above avg riding experience, coming up to 15 years of incident free car driving exp, i resent in the extreme being told what i can and can't do on 2 wheels.

    the over 25 provision doesn't cut it, 15months minimum is nonsense nanny state bs. that should be the law for under 25's (rather than 39months). i mean i understand the difficulty in ascertaining experience/maturity/common sense levels, but how dare my freedom be restricted in such a blanket fashion.

    now my question is, has anything been done to challenge these laws? is anybody trying to change them? i dont care how minimal or misguided.

    also, is there any way to get around them? getting your license in other states? having a license in other countries? or anything like that.
  2. You said that you rode overseas?
    If you have a foreign licence you can bypass restrictions in some circumstances. Usually it has to be from an approved country and you may still need to take the final exam but you can often skip those annoying 15 months which, as you rightly said, are designed for inexperienced people of which you are not one.

    If you didn't ride overseas then tough luck.
  3. I regularly stick it to the man.

    Even my ape hangers are indictment of society.

    (Sorry, shouldn't answer your post when listening to psychedelic rock.)

    Put it this way:

    Civilisation is held together by lines in the sand.
  4. Your free to ride whatever you want - just not on a public road.

    So stop bitching about being someone deprived of your rights, there are countries with far more restrictive laws (like an outright limit of 175cc for all riders).
  5. I'd say your only option is to ride an unrestricted bike.
    Get booked.
    Appeal it all the way to the high court and have the law of the land changed
  6. Just get a motard for a few years.

    Funnily enough, I just heard the other day that the riding group at most risk of a serious accident are experienced males in their 30s. L-Platers are statistically fairly low risk :-s
  7. Write to your member. Whining a forum wont do nothing.
  8. i'm aware of such, lemme clarify here, i'm chestpumping about what i see should be my right, as anyone should do, not whining!

    im sure its nothing new. just trying to get an accurate picture/hear whats gone on, whos done what. if there are people or groups lobbying to change this kinda nonsense etc. i plan on doing something at least, at the bare minimum harassing local members..

    yeh to be honest as silly as that sounds, i kinda wanted to know if someone had taken that route, because it would be extremely interesting. the right person with the right representation/deep enough pockets would probably win imo.
  9. Doubt it. The law at the moment says you must ride a restricted bike. Just because you don't want to, or because you think it isnt fair wont matter diddly shit to a magistrate, no matter how deep your pockets.

    Not to mention the laughable response you would get from your insurer in the event of a crash.
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  10. Ok chestpumping will do nothing, speak to your member.

    You havent even listed your state, what infromation do you expect?
  11. You still seem to be confusing a "right" with a "want". It's an important distinction to make, as you'll get f*&k all symapthy/support from the Government and/or general public fighting for the latter.
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  12. Nah you would lose.
    If you look closely at the rules they aren't about learning on the road.
    Your meant to be ready when you get there as far as TORUM or the National road rules are concerned.
    It's also your onus to keep up to date with the changes made to the road rules. Not them to inform you.
    P's and L's are our exemption from being on the road and not knowing WTF where doing.....haha maybe L & P's should be made with a life long guaranty.
    So basically the L's and P's are in place to make sure you know what your meant to know and if you know them then you will have no trouble following their procedure.
    That is from the top
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    Unfortunately people in their first few years of something don't do much to try and change the system as they don't feel they can do anything about it, and people who are past their restrictions won't bother trying to change a system that no longer affects them.

  14. Good luck :)

    The fact is that a lot of people are still having a lot of serious accidents, so the legislative bodies have to try and cut the rate one way or another.

    Do you think age should be the factor for placing restrictions instead of relevant experience?
  15. im in NSW.

    yeah that is on the money smileedude. im sure this effects more than a few people, but its in a bit of a nomans land.
  16. i dont have an answer for how it should be, as i said i understand the difficulty in coming up with laws that recognize inexperience and experience fairly, but these blanket changes are just a bunch of pencil pushers juking the stats and not getting to the real problem, teaching riders to respect these upper end bikes properly with more advanced rider training.

    to me this is the same as the drinking situation. im 32 and for 15months i can't have a drink after work? im not even speaking of myself, im a non-drinker, and wouldn't recommend drinking anything and riding, but that is absolutely absurd to me, 0.02 is perfectly sensible. if you've just got a car license in your mid/late20's 30's or any age, its 0 alcohol thru L's P1's & P2's? its shortsighted legislation in the extreme. don't legislate against every demographic, when you are targeting young drivers who lack experience and common sense. its nanna state bullshit.

    i think one thing that would be a good idea would be a more advanced driving course people have to pass in order to ride above a certain class. lets be honest, the license tests in this country are a joke and haven't moved with the times for certain classes of bike. there should be a reverse LAM's list, where if you ride a certain category of bike, you have to pass a thoroughly advanced training/testing appraisal. pay a little bit extra, adds revenue, hopefully improves skills. do it over a block of 3-6months even so they can come back and keep track..

    as it is, if i was an inexperienced 24year old, riding around on LAM's bikes for 15months then come 25 im zipping round on a 1198 or something, most likely i have not magically grown the skills to do such in that time. but there would be certain people with the skills/sensibility to handle it fine and certain people who wouldn't.. security through obscurity, never works. a time delay is inherently stupid at a certain point.
  17. This is the system they had(have?) in Japan. Something I've always thought made sense than the current system which allows people to spend 15 months on a 125cc - then jump straight on a ZX-14R.
  18. IMO - Opinion yes its mine dont judge

    Learners should be the same 659cc max depending on weight to torque ratio etc LAMS bikes

    Red Provisional should be able to be unrestricted and still be on 659 or less

    Green Provisional shouldn't be a license like before.


    just my opinion
  19. Sounds like the whinge of those who have a sense of entitlement.
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  20. That's cos the L platers got the memo that when they hit 68, death is imminent clearly.