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Can anyone who knows riding a motorcycle do track day?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nethern, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. My another Another rookie question.

    Someone said, if you are not a skillful rider, you should not go to a track day. Do you think it is true?

    Do you think a rookie like me, who had license for only around 3 years, commuted with 250 to work daily, had just low-speed-crashed my bigger bike recently, can do it? I don't think I am an experienced rider or talented rider.

    I guess my initiative is, maybe doing track days can improve my riding skills. Do you think it could help?

  2. do you know what I think? you should have a careful look at your spelling and grammar
  3. That's what beginner track days are for. You can learn as much about cornering in a day on a track (with some instruction) as you would with months of riding. I'd say go for it.
  4. Wow. Just wow.


    Does grammar include correct capitalisation, Kernal?
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  5. +1...just wow

    nethern...I did a track day just a year and a half after I started riding. I also didn't do much riding on the road either but I thought I'd take it to the track when a Preston Motorcycle Club (PMCC) Race School day was on the calender. It was a great learning curve and definitely learned a lot from the day which made riding on the road much easier.

    I say go for it...Champions or PMCC Race School days. People at the track usually help each other out which gives it a definite positive atmosphere :). You'll enjoy it.

    Also for future reference, it's "rookie" not "rockie" :).
  6. Do an instructed track day. Where you are taught to ride properly.
    They don't send you out all at once. We put you into colours. Cause we are not allowed to say the slow group lol.
    Do it mate, It will be the best and quickest learning curve you have had so far.
    3 years .... you should have two up your sleeve by now
  7. Ease up tiger! I just had a look at your grammar in the above sentance!

    As the guys have said track days are great! Plenty of people there to help and by far a massive learning curve :D Biggest point to note - relax and have fun. Can reccomend champions days too ;) ......google them.
  8. Do you know what I think? You should have a careful look at your spelling and grammar.

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  9. GO for it.
    did my first track day with only 3 months riding expereince...
    was a blast even on a baby 250cc, got tips from guys there, followed their lines etc.
    that lead me to going back for the Cali superbike school level 1 which was very thorough and after watching Kieth Codes 'Twist of the wrist' i feel a lot more confident with my cornering and general riding.
    but in the end, nothing beats pushing and finding your limits on your bike in a track day environment.
  10. Why not try a stay upright motorcycle course. Still get to go fast and learn at the same time.
  11. you got me :p
  12. Quoted for truth!
  13. oh snap
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  14. bahhahaha

    dw bro. I don't care what people say about you, i've got you covered. :angel:
  15. you know the ad 'JUST DO IT'!!!

    Seriously its the best fun you will have, you don't need a fast bike & you dont need to be fast or slow just in the correct group for your experience level.

    if you can commute without an issue, a track day in atleast slow group should not be problem

    JUST DO IT!!! you wont regret it
  16. Yeah but it's what you're covering him in that's got me a little concerned...

    Seriously though Kernel, a lot of people say they wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.
    But I would ;)
  17. Ha ha luv it
    Honestly Op it's no biggy.
    The slow group is just that. You go out and get taught decent lines and there is no pressure what so ever. You pass another guy and he is grinning. You are grinning. You just crack up. All good fun and NO PRESSURE
    You want to back off then fine. Check your mirrors and get off the racing line.
  18. Yeah seriously mate, don't worry, we have got you covered...
  19. OP - as others have said, do an instructed one

    @Klunk - put your brain into gear before you accelarate your mouth, you're the last one to be giving grammatical criticism

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