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Can anyone tell me........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Quo Vadas, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Can anyone tell me why people who ride Harley's wear matching jackets, jumpers etc with the Harley logo on it?

    I am just curious because after going for a ride with some people yesterday I noticed that all 3 Harley riders had matching jackets, jumpers etc. Upon reflection of this, I noticed more Harley riders on the way home wearing the same get up.
    I don't often see other riders wearing Honda, Suzuki etc emblazed bike wear to match their bikes so I am just wondering why it is so.

    If anyone can enlighten me on this social anomaly it would be appreciated.

    p.s. I am not having a go at Harley riders nor I couldn't care less about what people wear when riding their bikes. It's just an observation that I'm questioning.
  2. Last thursday night at the mystery ride while at bp I was giving some bloke directions to acland st rsl. He looked like a typical harley rider and questioned why I was riding a honda and that I should at least be riding a buell. I told him I was actually interested in a buell 1125cr and he got excited. I believe harley riders have the perception anything harley or a subsidary of harley such as buell is ok but anything else is foreign and no good.
  3. Hmmmm, ok. He obviously wasn't riding a Harley (or any kind of bike) so why do you say he looked like a Harley rider?
    I don't want to get into a slagging match about what people ride but am just curious as to my OP.
  4. Apart from his looks if he wasn't one then he wouldn't have defended the brand as much and recommend others to ride it.
  5. Ducati riders also tend to wear Ducati apparel.

    It's something to do with mindset and sense of style: and yeah, no condemnation to anyone on any side, it's just personal taste. It seems like some brands are a taste statement or choice, rather than (or as well as) being chosen for their actual attributes. It's about identity, I guess.

    For most sportsbike riders, they'll look at the stats and a whole variety of factors, and if the Suzuki is better than the Honda this year, given their personal tastes and requirements, they'll go that way. The loyalty is to a riding style rather than a brand.

    If you like American cruisers, Harley is kinda the icon, and if you identify yourself that way the only real choice is which Harley you want/can afford.

    (Sweeping generalisations with many exceptions, of course.)
  6. It's their uniform. I give the boys I know that ride Harley's a hard time about it. They are all sheep, seriously. Hubby rides a Buell and won't get caught up in the whole Harley uniform thing. Having said that, one of his jackets does have the Harley logo on it. LOL.
  7. I see all these people who are walking advertisements for alpinestars and dainese. Whats the difference?
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  9. If you are passionate about the brand of bike you ride regardless of style I don't see anything wrong with it. Obvioulsy their marketing dept doing a good job.

    Admittedly it does seem to be the domain of a select few brands, perhaps more sports bike riders take their inspiration from motogp etc and therefore brands worn/advertised there get the nod over apparel marked with the bike make.
  10. I can't recall seeing an Alpinestar or Dainese motorbike recently. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. I think this can also be looked at in the perspective of Harley cashing in on it's dedicated riders. Perhaps if such a market existed for Japanese or European manufacturers (except Ducati) they would also follow suit.
  12. Thanks for all your feedback so far. Some good points raised that I hadn't though of as of yet...........................continue.
  13. So now the question is when will you be donning a new red/white/blue Honda RVF400 customised jacket?
  14. Personally I see any kind of over-branding as a sign of a weak personal identity.

    But then again, maybe I'm just a biatch in a dainese jacket ;)
  15. I love my Joe Rocket Honda Mesh jacket and new Honda leather jacket, problem is I just got a new bike, a Kawasaki ](*,)
  16. only because they havn't made one.

    Same goes for the bike manufacturers. People would be wearing them if they could buy them.
  17. A related point is that I bet Harley makes millions from people who *don't* ride Harleys but wish they could and buy the merch anyway.
  18. Im sure its got a fancy name , but its just Brand Loyalty and identification.

    They feel a strong allegance to the brand as it probably helps them feel "part" of something.

    Im sure there is also a psychological name for it.
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