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Can anyone tell me what this is ?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by doonx, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. It's the reservoir of a gas shocky. Very common back before the old Queen died.
  2. Yup... my ZRX1200R has an almost identical one (the damping is somewhat altered on the 1200 version).

    The idea is to seperate the oil from the air by using a seperate reservoir to reduce foaming of the oil and a resulting early reduction in damping effect.

    All the best sports bikes had this sort of arrangement at one time :)

    And at around the same time the aftermarket modifiers were replacing Japanese OEM shocks with Marzocchis (I had Marzocchi stradas on the Z900 at one point).

  3. Quick question along similar lines:

    I see a ZXR on my way to work most mornings that has "K-RAS" stamped on it. What does "K-RAS" mean?

    (Thanks Doonx for starting this thread... love a dumn questions thread...)
  4. C-R-A-S-H :LOL:
  5. I believe K-ras has something to do with genes, as does N-ras. The joke seems to be that it was discovered by Dr's Kawasaki H, and Taira K
  6. that's a krass response, inci :D
  7. Kawasaki Ram Air System?

    (just a guess)
  8. Probably not a bad one either,

    [Sportrider Magazine]

    "The ZX-11, ZX-9R, later versions of the ZX-6 and ZX-7 and the new ZX-6R Ninja all utilize the ram-air system"..........
  9. I thought it was a 2-stroke thing.
  10. :oops: :shock: :cry: