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Can anyone tell me what happened to this racer?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by nightgash, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. http://moto.cled17.com/bloquage-de-lavant-sur-circuit

    In the above video it was if the rear wheel locked up and the back end came out?

    Did he just stand on the rear brake and lost it?
  2. Ya cant do that to an SP1 :cry:

    That was a lockup of both wheels. He came in too hot and was about to hit the bike in front of him when as "sterlo" would say...."whooshka"
  3. I concur vic.
    After carefull watching of it over and over again it does appear that tyre smoke does emerge from both wheels indicating a double lock up (but from this angle it is very hard to be 100% sure). if he had just stamped on the rear brakes you would see some slight movement of the backend to the right, sliding out the rear while the front continues to have grip. Since it appears to be a very even slide str8 down with no tail wag, I would have to agree with vic.

    And i was soo sure the camra rider was going to hit that spinning bike as it cut accross the track. He did well to avoid the rider and the bike.

    Id be interested to know what the translations of the comments are (whatever language it is i cant tell).
  4. The back wheel would have had next to no footprint on the road. After loading the front so hard the rear would have been just about off the ground
  5. ...If he had applied the front first or just slightly before the rear brakes. But looks like he applies both at the same time amking both skid simultaniously. maybe?
  6. Just stabbed the brakes too hard. "Squeeze, don't pull."
  7. He was leaning a bit to the left after overtaking the guy with the camera when he's jumped on the brakes to hard. Looks like instant lock up because there didn't seem to be much fork dive it was just all over straight away (cept for the sliding :oops: )
  8. :applause: Good observation. I wonder how i missed that one. :applause:
  9. after seeing the dude go down in fron and hitting the brakes and missiing him, looking and seeing the bike off to the right hand side I reckon his arse began to unpucker, then the downed bike just kept going and he nearly ended up getting clipped by the bike........that was a double pucker scenario right there

    Cheers :cool:
  10. double Pucker?

    so the initial pucker pulls in the leather pants and the 2nd pucker pulls in the seat covering?
    I've had this happen to me and never knew what the technical term was....
  11. :rofl:
  12. bad time to over take and too tight of a situation with bikes at front and back of the rider aswell as a corner ahead.

    He smoked it up good too.
  13. Ummm ... isn't this whole thread, "speculation about a motocycle accident scenario" where nobody posting was involved nor knew the person involved and therefore against the T&C's???