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Can anyone tell me the rate of pay for mechanic apprentices?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Trying to find info on the net, not easy!

    Are they paid a dismal amount? Or are apprenticeships attracting higher pay these days?

    Any info would be great

    Should have mentioned, its for an adult apprenticeship.
  2. for an adult apprenticeship, standard rate is around 75% of a normal wage. sometimes it will include a safety net of around $80. this will usually make your pay around $430 net total, but actual take home of around $350, depending where you get you apprenticeship. i doubt you get the $1k bonuses given to kids. if you're fairly handy, and plan to stick at it for ages, you could try going as a trade assistant, for a regular wage, then basically fast track an apprenticeship after a couple of years.
  3. I'm considering a change in careers, but mortgage repayments limit training, uni or apprenticeship options....

    What's a trade assistant?
  4. an unqualified person who goes in to help out, but isn't on an apprenticeship. you get a regular base wage in exchange for them having less paperwork, and you having time off for schooling etc etc. i wouldn't go so far as to recommend it though, as there's no guarantee it won't make it harder for you in the long term.
  5. same as an apprentice basically, but not getting paid to learn or go to tafe so the wage is slightly higher, i really don't think a first year adult apprentice woud be looking at anymore then $300 take home a week, then there are government top schemes where they will give people over the age of 25 up $150 to top up their salary, gs5hundy check out the new apprenticeship site to find out more about the wage top up
  6. Thanks for the info guys. Just checkin backup plans!
  7. he he...when I started my apprenticeship in 1992, which is not that long ago....was on $4.70 per hour. fcuk ... I couldn't even afford to move a limb!

    Hope things have improved heaps. I know people who started not long after me and are now on close to 90k .... which is not awesome but way above acceptable. So things do get better!

    Uni is about -ve 25k per annum....so your ahead from the start :)
  8. At most, $8000/year for your subjects (pharmacy student, so im paying top $$$ for my subjects anyway), $1000 for textbooks and $500 for random supplies?

    I budget $12000 a year to do uni, and I have plenty to spend on booze and partying to get me through.

    First year out I will only be getting a lousy $65k/an. Second year; after my pre-reg, ill be on a comfy $80-90k. Might do a bit of locum work for a while, $120k++/an plus i get to travel a lot. Yeh, uni sucks. If i want a few extra $$$ i can always get grants to travel and extend my professional knowledge.
  9. i dont know how any adult with any financial liabilities can undertake an apprenticeship these days.
    $400/week is cabbage, i pay double that in tax each week, and still need more money :roll:
    do apprentices get further monetary help, like austudy or something? i just cant compute how one would survive :?
  10. Back when I was a lad doing an apprenticeship (early 80's) I was netting about 90 bucks a week (and petrol was 28c/litre) as a first year fitter/turner.
    Doesn't look like things have improved much to me, perhaps even the opposite...

    What sort of trade makes that kind of dough?
    I work with some highly qualified defence engineers and scientists who are not earning anything like that.
  11. Tradies numbers have decreased, hence rates (and therefore pay) increases.

    Yeah, but those highly qualified engineers and scientists are still public servants aren't they? :p.
  12. \
    i get more than our "highly qualified" engineers. engineers generally dont get the big bucks unless they work for themselves ;)
  13. Yeah true, but 90k? I work with plenty of tradies, welders, sheeties, machinists etc and I can tell you it's not anywhere near that figure.
    It's the main reason I got out of it actually, on a scale from 1 to 10, the pay sucked......

    Well perhaps :wink: (I can't talk about it here) but still, PS pay is actually quite competitive these days, it has to be otherwise everyone would P.O. over to the private sector.
    I mean I know a bunch of phd's, some young, some old, that would be on between say 90-130k max. 1st year engineering grads on maybe 50-60k.
    And when I say qualified, I'm talking N.S. sherlock rocket scientists, the real deal, not some clowns with a certificate in a frame nailed to the wall.

    Maybe it's just an Adelaide thing........

    So tell me, what kind of tradie makes 90k?
    I wanna know...........and then put in an application. :wink:
  14. Hi GS5hundy,

    "I'm considering a change in careers, but mortgage repayments limit training, uni or apprenticeship options....
    What's a trade assistant?"

    I can relate to career change idea,
    I decided to change career paths after going overseas in 2004,
    I was a Civil Design Engineer.

    Got the papers from Uni to prove it too.
    Assoc Degree Civil Engineering.

    Trades Assistant is what I do now,
    is similar to being a tradesman,
    similar tasks, less pay and less responsibility.
    Trades Assistant position is basically skilled labour,
    as opposed to unskilled.

    Getting a Trade,
    Options as explained to me in June 2005.
    (in spraypainting at least)

    Get a training contract (apprenticeship)
    Start from 1st year,
    and do all the competency based training.
    Pass and get certificate. 3 - 4 years average.


    Start by doing a prevocational course,
    6 months full time.
    Then get a training contract,
    you get credit for the Prevocational course.


    Get a job as a Trades Assistant,
    work in the trade,
    Do the trade exam,
    Get Trade Certificate.

    I have just completed 3rd year TAFE,
    so am offically 3rd year spraypainter,
    (slightly complicated story)
    but am working as a Trades Assistant.

    Trades assistant pay rate for a SprayPainter,
    $17 to $20 an hour motor vehicles,
    got an offer doing industrial painting to name a price,
    instead of $14 as a 3nd year adult apprentice.

  15. I know, I am one. It is fairly competitive, but it plateaus when you take into account a persons level of expertise. Still the attrition rate from some parts of the public service is really quite high, but it's also factored into planning.
  16. We have a (17 year old) mechanical apprentice I employ (via a group training company) at our small business. He's a 'heavy stream' apprentice not a 'small engine' apprentice (or whatever they've PC'd the stream names too lately) but the relevant group training rates are the same.

    The default 1st year rate is about $8 an hour, 2nd year is about $10 an hour, 3rd year is about $12 an hour and 4th year is about $14 an hour.

    I happen to regard that as unlivable so we have bumped that to $12 an hour in the 1st year and $14 an hour in the 2nd year (which he's in now), I assume we'll go to $16 and $18 (but we haven't talked about that).

    The bus industry have an active program to try and attract apprentices to the industry and I'm not aware of any bus company employing apprentices that doesn't pay more than the default rate I might add.

    Some industry sectors (small engine notably) have traditionally been less generous with mechanics and apprentices wages however.

    I geuss what I'm saying is... if you want to be a mechanic... and you want a decent wage... then maybe working on motorbikes isn't always the best choice.
  17. hi,

    Just a quick note about the 90k salary I posted earlier. 7 years out Fitter/Machinist with good experience with drawing and CNC programming and design work, working in the private sector. Was approached for the job and that is not including super.

  18. Well I can cover all of those bases but I would be very lucky to be pushing 60k in this town with that.
    With overtime is another matter, but who wants to work 60+hrs a week.
    I just got into mech design full time, better pay, better conditions, surf the web, long lunches AND I get to watch all the chicks in short skirts walking around the office, that's so important.... :grin:
  19. It's not the the paper that governs your pay above the award wage, it's the demand for your services and the return on investment an employer gets. I earn double what my PHD brother gets and I dropped out in YR10. It's because computer scientists are a dime a dozen but what I do not many can! :wink: