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Can anyone suggest the best bikes for lady riders .. ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Elle, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. I am a keen bike enthusiast who is new on the block, so I am still finding my feet and need a little guidance.

    I am wondering if anyone can recommend the best suited bikes for lady riders (such as myself).

    I am about 5'6 and no more than 60kg so the thought of having 100kg or more between my legs is a little daunting..

    I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and wouldn't mind someone to steer me down the right path.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Elle.
  2. Regardless of what some will say, size don't matter. :LOL:

    My partner is 5foot nothing weighs 50kg soaking wet, got her license two years ago is in her late 20's :LOL: :? :p !! and is now riding an 1100 that tops the scales at 260kgs.
    It alls comes down to confidence, go out get your wings and try a few different types/styles of bike. You may be surprised at what you do feel comfortable riding.


    BTW welcome to NR :p
  3. You dont have to be able to lift the weight of your bike, even if you drop it, i've seen chicks not 60kg that have upped a goldwing. When your stopped at lights, its only leaning up against the inside of your leg, its not too heavy.

    Try a few bikes first, but maybe even try the new yamaha scorpio, they are a nice small light bike that feels a bit like a dirt bike. Cheap too!

    Where are you located, cuz the state can affect what you pick up.
  4. This may be a lil bias and i don't know whether its the "best suited" bike for you.. but i suggest a cbr250rr if your just starting out :grin:
    It's a good learners bike, relatively light and small (although if ur like me it'll probably still take some time to get totally comfortable with it)
    i'm 5'7" weigh around 53kg and able to pick up my baby if it drops (i've had lots of practice LOL) so it should be alright for you too.
  5. Firstly, welcome to Netrider :)
    make your way over to Here and introduce yourself!

    Next, have a poke around and a quick read of the T&C's and about General Discussion Dumping .

    I have moved this post to "Bike Reviews, Thoughts and Suggestions", because i think that is where it fits!

    Posting in the correct forum will ensure that you get the right kinda replies from the right kinda people :grin:

    enjoy the forums elle :)
  6. I was going to help a brother out & suggest you get a Moderator 500. But Joel has obviously put you off that.

    If your after a light weight bike, have a look at stuff like a Honda NSR150sp, Aprilia RS125, Honda VTR, Hyosung GT250R, Cagiva Mito, Honda CBR250rr (that's not flogged to death), Honda CBF250... etc etc

    Best to sit on em all & found out what fits best, and what you'll be happy riding.
  7. My partner, 5' flat and ~60kg, just bought a CBR125R this weekend for herself. She'll be picking it up Monday, but its one of the few bikes that fit her well, besides a Virago.
  8. I suggest you have a look at these:

    Honda CBR125R
    Kawasaki GPX250
    Honda CB250

    All are made for begginer riders and are light and easy to ride.
  9. GPX250 would be a perfect bike for you..
  10. I can recommend a VTR250 - it's pretty light, you'd have no problems flat footing, it's very forgiving if you're in the wrong gear and if you drop it (touch wood) it's a naked so no busted fairings.

    Welcome to NR
  11. When I read the OP, that is just asking for something cheeky to be said.
    I will behave though....
  12. you are a bad man tweet :LOL:
  13. I am the same size and weight as you and I got a Honda VTR 250. It's awesome. Very comfortable.
  14. I agree with this not because I'm selling mine but they are great for all those reasons. My Girlfriend is 5'1" and has two bikes, Aprilia Sportcity nice big wheeled scooter which will do 100 kPh easily and a Bolwell Mio (she is selling 200klm on the clock) for mucking about the city.

    Try to ride a few, they are like shoes, you'll know what fits. First feel whats comfortable whilst stationary, then riding it.

  15. do you think you'd prefer a sports, sports tourer, tourer or a cruiser ?
  16. Skulker_Spank.

    Ok, now I have finished my early morning immaturity.

    A GPX250 would be a wise choice, I think they are around 130kgs and have a fairly low seat height.

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