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Can anyone suggest a 250 (first bike)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Symo85, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I've recently got my RE, and I'm looking into getting a bike, mostly for commuting purposes. Below is the sort of things that are/aren't important to me, I'm having a hard time finding something that suites. Bikes I've looked at are the Honda CBR125, but decided against it, worrying it might be a bit weak, but I just love the look of the CBR, and if I could get one at 250 I would. Kawasaki GPX250R, I was going to get this bike, but the dealer said they couldn't get any current models anymore, and the new model doesn't have a release date (it could be months, and the price will be a little more). As I said it'll mostly be for commuting, so used in peak-hour traffic, highway riding will be minimal as there isn't one on my usual commute, but I'd like to know I can happily ride down one if i need to. I'm tall and thin (about 6`1 (186cm) / 70kg)

    Things swaying my decision:
    Price - I'm on a budget, so i'm looking for something under 7k (but would really rather stick closer to 6k or under).
    Look - as I said before i really like the look of the CBR, i hate the naked look of bikes like the VTR, so something with fairing.
    Power - Obviously I'm not looking for anything over 250, and really I just need enough power to get me out of any trouble that may come along.

  2. hyosung maybe?
  3. Mate the GPX is a great little bike........ and you went to one place and they don't have any left :roll:
    go somewhere else and buy a second hand one... anthing from 2k to 5k.... will be fine (provided you get it checked out)
  4. If you like the look of the CBR then the ZXR250/ZX2R could be an option (Yep i am biased :wink: ).
    Essentially the same bike as the CBR (Inline 4, faired race rep) but i've been told that the kwaka engine is more torquey than the honda (if a 250 can be torquey that is :LOL: ). Also cheaper than the CBR, i got mine for $3100, there's usually a good choice of nice ones around the $5000 mark.
    I'm 6'2", 70kg and manage to squeeze onto the mini ninja easily enough, although the knees get a bit sore on longer rides.
    Good luck choosing :grin:
  5. From all first reports the new Ninja 250 sounds like the business for a beginners bike. Especially if you want to learn basic racing.
  6. i would suggest something cheapish and realiable, my first bike is a virago 250 for 1500 replaced the chain and sprokets and is great, cheap to run comfortable to ride and if i crash or drop it (which i have DOH!!!) dont matter to much cause its only a learner, u wouldnt buy a $16k car for ur firsty aye,
  7. I do like the look of the Hyosung, and the price is quite good, and from the description on the website, sounds like a fantastic bike. But i did a bit of a google on it, and it seems like from the moment you buy it, its nothing but a headache! Seems like its a bit of a risk to even buy one...

    Well i'm buying it on a low interest credit card, and paying it off over the next six months or so, so 2nd hand is limited, cause it would have to be 2nd hand from a dealer/merchant (i.e. someone with credit card facilities).
    And i'm just not sure i particularly want a 2nd hand, being new to bikes, i'd just like the assurance if something goes wrong i can just take it back to wherever and say "its broken, fix it"...
  8. Can you just get a cash advance on the credit card?
  9. The cash advance interest rate can sometimes be more than double the purchases interest rate
  10. dude

    buy the absolute cheapest most scratched but mechanically sound bike you can find

    Ride it, drop it, learn on it.

    When you're unrestricted, sell it for probably close to what you paid, and buy your saved up pennies on a real bike.
  11. Aren't you glad you asked.

    There are lots of GPX's about. 2nd hand and new. If you have the bickies and are willing the bet against the initial drop with a brand new bike, go brand new. The ride in period will give you ample time to get used to the bike controls and you know EXACTLY what you're getting.
  12. So yeah, cash advance isn't really the best option, firstly like any other cash system you can only get $1000 a day, so i'd have to go to the ATM everyday for about a week. And they charge you not only the regular payback interest, but a charge (normally around $2-3) on every $100 that you've cash advanced.

    Whats the best 2nd hand website out there? I've been on bikepoint and i've found a couple of dealers selling 2nd hand GPX's, some with quite low kms (one 250R i've spotted that i'm looking at intensely atm). But incase nothing comes up of luck, anywhere off the bat i should be looking?

    thanks for all the help so far all
  13. There are stacks of cheap low km 07 GPXs, I assume due to people wanting to upgrade to the new Ninja 250.

    Bonus for you is that they have already been run in and had their first service :grin:
  14. Save your money, buy an older bike ----> Go the Suzuki Manbag (Across)! :LOL: you can fit half a dozen bottles of wine in there, i've also been told you can fit around 20 cans of beer (haven't tried that one yet). And then spend the money you saved on an upgrade!
  15. Anyone who's ever owned an across, seems to recommend it.

    Nearly everyone i meet has the attitude "i used to have an across, what an awesome little bike" or "i wish i still had that thing, it was so handy"

    ...across owners like myself, shamlessly promote it. It does rock by the way :p

    quick enough to embarass other 250's when ridden well, full faring looks, just check my garage...shes gorgeous. OH and Farking handy
  16. ...except in the tank range department. The ZZR and GPX have a "few" more litres in the tank than an Across. ...the sad fact is that the manbag just wont go as far.

    Oh and you CAN'T get a new Across... which I think is a Suzuki oversight... but you can get a new ZZR or GPX... well while stocks last on the GPX front... the new little Ninja looks pretty spiffy though...

    I just love these "which 250" threads... meanwhile... the brains of NR's old hands are exploding all over the screen in shear repetitious frustration...

  17. For a dude of your height (186cm) the across is a good choice, simply becuase they're pretty big for a faired 250. You'll be pretty squashed up on a gpx (i'm 188cm and used to have one). A zzr is a similar size to the across, not sure if they're bigger or smaller. I'm pretty sure the hyo gt250 is also a similar size. The zzr has a bigger tank and range then the across and is a parallel twin which feels pretty agricultural compared to the inline 4 across engine. It would probably use less fuel though and could be ridden without having to wring its neck as much all the time. The across should make more power and torque, but at this level there wouldn't be much in it. It all comes down to personal preference dude - yours! :cool:

    ps the new ninja 250 looks the good if you could be bothered waiting
  18. ZXR250

    Go the ZXR250
    Rides like a bigger big, will teach you how to rider a bigger bike and looks awesome.

    The Hyosung GT250R looks like the main characters from Monsters the cartoon, a one eyed tool!