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Can anyone recommend good budget accommodation at Goulburn?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by toast, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. I'll be attending Alex Gobert's RRPA Level 1 course on Friday May 1st and want to stay overnight prior. I don't have a car or a trailer and will be riding up from Canberra on Thursday afternoon.


  2. I was going to suggest commuting from Canberra, but hey! lol i didn't know you where based there. Try one of the pubs.
  3. Yeah, I thought about riding up from Canberra on the morning of the day. I've ridden that stretch many times. But, I don't want to have to get up too early and be rushing to make the 0730 hrs sign-in and inspection. I want a good sleep and good breakfast - without rushing it too much.
  4. Goulburn has a few pubs but I would recommend the Loaded Dog at Tarago ( www.loadeddoghotel.com/home.htm ) and generally use it when I am down that way.

    The cost is around $40 per room but that includes breakfast and should you choose to have some dinner at the pub the night before, you sure won't be disappointed.

    The publican (Mark) is a good bloke and will put you bike around back, locked in his personal yard and protected by his rabid Rotty. :LOL:

    From Tarago to Wakefield is only around 15 - 20 minutes so it isn't much longer than is Goulburn.

  5. That-is-just-awesome: most appreciated, Garry.


  6. Hi Nick, I live in Goulburn, sorry I can;t tell you much about the accommodation, but if you want to say hi let me know :)

    BTW what is an RRPA course?
  7. I once stayed at Comfort Inn Posthouse Motor Lodge, Hume Hwy. It was nearly 7 years ago. It was a nice motel. I can't remember if it was expensive or cheap.

    Their phone number is: (02) 4821 5666

  8. The Loaded dog info sounds good. If you're interested in a Motel, I have stayed at Trappers Best Western twice and was very happy with it: http://trappers.bestwestern.com.au/