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Can anyone recommend a replacement horn?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by rsser, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Hi folks,

    I need something a bit louder than the stock bleeper and don't want to go to the trouble of wiring in a relay.

    Anything out there you can recommend as a swap-in replacement?

    I've seen ads for the Stebel Magnum in UK mags at 139db but they don't appear to be available here.

  2. Are Musical Horn's back in yet?
  3. get one that goes

  4. just swipe one off a Mack truck... should be loud enough :LOL:
  5. Look for FIAMM brand horns. Made for bikes. Seriously louder than stock bleepers.
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  7. A submarine horn! Just the thing for a Melb winter ;-}
  8. I think you'll find that you'll need a relay to get the current flow to produce the sound.

    I replace the wifes shopping trolley (sooby wagon) horn with one of those"slightly illegal" A-ooo-gah horns, and out the sooby hi note horn on the bike. With a relay, gets peoples attention, no relay, it's not much better that stock.

    Relays aren't that hard to wire in, just use the existing horn wires as the "signal" and run a lead direct from the battery thru the relay to the horn and then earth, add a fuse (15-20 amp) for safety.

  9. Thanks Iffracem.

    The Stebel appears to give 'air horn' volume without the relay. Oil and grease I can handle; electrics are another matter.

    Cathar: thanks too. Done a web search without much luck - keeps throwing up air horns or twin kits for Beemers. Any idea who I can contact?
  10. Where would you go to get one installed :?:
  11. La cocaracha! La cocaracha!

    da da da da da da da DA.

    I would split my sides over a bike that could play La cocaracha!
  12. An electric m/c horn should be a straight swap, exc maybe for the bracket.

    An air horn would need the relay as mentioned, and that would require the work of an auto electrician with some m/c nous if you didn't feel up to it yourself.

    An air horn would need some more mounting work in addition - and mine's a faired bike and there's no obvious place for the horns.

    (Edit, yep Loz, that'd be the one of choice. Think it means c*ckroach in Spanish tho, lol)
  13. I hooked one up to my brother's corolla back in the day, it was a hoot (get it, a hoot?) but the battery wasn't powerful enough to run it properly so it sounded all wobbly and drunk.

    Which kind of added to the effect.

    Still, I'd be wondering if the bike battery would be up to the challenge.
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  15. The whistle off a steam train would work well.

    Be a bugger trying to get enough steam pressure to run it but with the current run of hot weather we're having a few bikes would certainly be producing a fair bit of steam at the moment :LOL:

    May I suggest a set of air horns General Lee style :wink:
  16. http://www.motobins.co.uk/ sell a pair of Fiamm horns for 19 pounds.
    (they deliver to oz in six days)

    These horns have slightly different pitch from one another which seriously increases the apparent loudness. (Mine make the bike sound a bit like a light truck - which some would see as appropriate.)

    I have seen similar sets in Supacheap. Just make sure they are a "high-low" pair.

    It *is* worth the bother of fitting a relay. No big deal, you just need to run a wire from the battery (or somewhere electrically close) and use the existing horn wire to trigger the relay. No messing about with the horn switch. (I have my relay mounted on the same bracket as one of the horns.) The relay will ensure max volume. The High-Low horns will give maximum audibility.

    You may need to mess about a bit to find a place to fit them, but you can hang both off the same mounting bracket.
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  18. ive been told viagra is good for horns
  19. I would have through that an old car horn from a wrecker should be OK. Or you could just get a hooter http://www.hooters.com/