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can anyone recommend a engine shop?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by -VIPER-, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys, I've bgt a 76 Yamha XS750 and am looking for a place to get my engine rebuilt. Can you recommend anyone decent in terms of work and price in Melbourne? How much did it cost u? cheers

  2. Will be more to rebuild the motor than the whole bike is worth.
    And if you don't fully rebuild it, top and bottom, what wasn't, will fail.
    The bike will sit in the shops for months and months while they wait for parts or say they are.
    I would be putting away five grand and hoping that will cover it. Doubt it will though. Most shops charge $110 an hour so "kaching" there goes hungies by the bucket loads right there.
    I know .. I know... history, emotion and all that. But you will love the new one as much or more. The old one will just be the old one.
  3. Speaking from the experience of various mates over the years, full, professional rebuilds on Jap multis are staggeringly expensive. Even amateur ones used to run to four figures in pounds a couple of decades ago.

    Time to start accumulating the parts you need and spending the meantime setting up to do at least the stripdown and assembly yourself. Specialist stuff like a rebore, fitting and reaming valve guides and thread repair can be farmed out, but if you don't do the grunt work yourself you'd better have a look at a second mortgage.
  4. haha, yea it thought i might cost more than the 700 buck i paid for it. Couple of my friend told me it would cost about a 1000 buck, i was budgeting 1000-2000.
  5. i was going to do what can on it myself and like you said start accumulating, thanks for the advice.
  6. That might pay for a head or a crank rebuild. Not both and certainly not a whole engine. As implied by bretto, you'll have to source your own parts for something like an XS. I doubt if you'll find much in Australia but the UK or Europe might be fruitful.
  7. We rebuilt an old ZX1100. The cost for the motor alone was over 6K. The guy rang about 6 months later going off his brain that he was only offered $1500 as a trade in. I had told him from the start it was going to cost a lot more than the bike was worth. But he had to have his way.
    A lot of the parts cant be bought any more. Manufactures only have to build the parts for ten years after the bike comes out. So a hell of alot of time is in the searching for bits. Or modifying parts to suit.
    While these things can pull big money. Most of the ones getting it are not restored. And it's mainly the Z9. The oringinal K1-750. The I6 Kawa. If you have one of these in good original nick your looking at fifteen to twenty thou.
    If you can do most of the rebuild yourself you will halve the restore bill.
    And the UK and US are the best places to shop for parts. Mostly it's cheaper to buy OS and have it shipped back then buy something here,.....sadly.
    In saying all this.. I still enjoy doing it. But you really have to know what your doing. I have an old 250 Elsinor I am gunna lol rebuild.... One day lol. Dirties are cheap and easy. And it will be for show not go. Bloody horrible to ride after getting off as new one.
    Personaly I don't think there is such a thing as a cheap bike. Way too much passion and types to ride for them to stay cheap
  8. wow ok, thanks for the insight...i definitely found more parts in the UK, Germany and US.
  9. wow, holly crap...i found a good conditioned XS750 for $3500...maybe i should just buy that on and keep this one for spares haha
  10. Your mates have based it on the cost of a small 4 cylinder car engine reco (and even then they are about 15 years out of date).

    I reccon $3-4000 is your starting point.

    What needs to be done? You may be able to do a lot yourself.
  11. That would probably be the most cost effective move, yes. I'd expect an absolutely spanking XS for that kind of money.
  12. i havent started pulling it apart yet nor have i started the bike (awaiting key) so i'm not sure what needs to be done, if anything. For completeness and ease i thought about just taking it to a shop to get checked out and have some work done if needed. I think you are correct, my mates are mainly car guys.
  13. On the plus side, Jap multis are pretty tough, as long as they get regular oil changes, regular meaning around the 2500km mark for something of the XS's vintage. There's a very good chance the crank wouldn't need touching as long as the mileage isn't astronomical. Gearbox bearings might need a look but aren't grossly expensive. If the XS has chain primary drive rather than gears, that might need replacement. It's generally easier to do with the engine apart anyway. Camchain and associated tensioners should be done. Bore wear is often negligible so new rings could be all that's needed to bring back to as new. Heads are the weak point on old Japs. More have gone to their graves due to worn and scored cam bearings than from any other single cause. That's why clean oil of correctish viscosity and sensible warm up periods are vital for engine longevity on these bikes. If the cam bearings are OK, you're laughing as the most it's likely to need are new valve guides, new exhaust valves and some shims to set the valve clearances.

    However, add in the cost of a new full gasket set and that light freshen up will set you back about the same as a full rebuild on a four pot car engine, as noted by ibast, unless you get lucky on Fleabay.