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can anyone recomend a sport/touring boot for me

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. G'day guys,

    Im now looking around for a pair of boots. I want them to give a reasonable ammount of protection but still be comfortable enough to wear all day. BTW im an it technician so i walk around a little bit but im not constantly on my feet all day.

    Basically Im looking for

    *Not Waterproof (i dont ride in the rain that much)
    *Reasonable ventilation would be good
    *Some gear shift protection
    *Toe sliders
    *comfortable enough to walk around
    *adjustable calf would be good

    I basically am looking for somehting between an alpinestars S-MX4 boot and an Alpinestars web boot. to use astar as an example.

    Ive seen the Astar GPS 3 boot which kinda looks ok however im wonderind if there are any other options around that might be cheaper

    Im looking for all suggestions

    Cheers Guys


    theyre about as close as i can find quickly....maybe a little heave. basically a touring boot with sliders is what im after
  2. I have the S-MX4s, can't fault them...saw me through around 1800km over 3 days very comfortably. They took a few days to loosen up.
  3. Mate, they wear these in Florida.....
  4. I've got a pair of Joe Rocket Superstreet boots, and I think they're pretty good

  5. I love my Rossi boots ..


    Best of all, they are Aussie made !
  6. thanks for the reply's. i like the smx-4's however i have a feeling they might be a bit rigid to wear all day everyday.

    Im liking the GPS3 but ive heard a few bad reviews on them about the sole falling off.

    The Joe Rocket boots are ok theyre just really not my style.

    Its a shame you can get a plain leather touring boot for under 200 however you then the price jumps a fair bit and allot of protection. There dosent seem to be a happy medium

    Has anyone seen any nice comfy street boots with toe slidders?. i dont want to be scuffing through the leather of my brand new boots in the twisties straight away, plus it looks bad to the clients.
  7. ben
    try these guys they are closing down so soem very cheap prices - i got mine from the last week

  8. the vision's dont look too bad, but for 289 theyre only $10 cheaper than the Astar stuff. I remember this stuff was goinf pretty cheap a while back.

    Keep them coming guys, much appreciated
  9. Ok after going to the big 3 in Ringwood to try on some boots today. BIG thumbs up to bikemart, buy far the best service awesome work ill be back there again.

    The boots that i found the best were

    AXO Primera ~ 300 (can get for 270 at bikemart)

    Oztar SS Performance 2 ~ 300. (cheaper closeout from us)

    Thomas Cook Racing - 215 at bikemart (300 at a1)

    The Thomas cooks were really comfortable and had probably the best protection, however one thing that annoyed me is that the zip/closure system seemed a bit weak/dodgy

    The AXO's were an awesome boot. good protection and comfortable. pricey though

    The Oxtars were extremley light and comfortable not quite as much protection. However it had a really annoying feature that the zip wasnt properly covered....lots of upgrades from the original SS but downgraded the zip protection.

    The thomas cooks were great value but looked a little cheaper. I can bet the Oxtars cheap from the US.

    My favoirite is probably the AXO's they seemed a quality boot but theyre gonna be the most expensive
  10. Visions are only $189 :?
    They are having a closing down sale, i have a brand new pair here in my wardrobe..
    I also have the Oxtar boots, not recommended to wear all day, very thin sole as do most sports boots. I also have the Joe Rocket boots pictured above, would recommend them as they are a fair bit more comfy than Oxtars. If you want something super comfy, but unfortunately not offering heaps of protection, try the RJays speed boot, yes i have a pair of those as well.. :grin:
  11. Cheers for the reply mate. i remembered they were cheap but couldnt find them on the website...did just then.

    blue, Do you have the SS performance 2???

    cause i found them pretty comfortable but i only walked a couple of paces. they were very light and had a thin sole.

    I can get the SS 2 delivered from the us for about $187 AU and the Visions will be about $200 AU delivered. but that little dosent really make much of a difference.

    To be honest both boots look pretty damn simmilar. do you have the visions blue?

  12. id be interested to hear your comparisson between the SS 2 and the visions. as from the reviews ive seen they seem to be pretty similar.

    thin sole, pretty comfy, not massive protection.

    I'm sort of leaning towards the oxtars as ive actually walked in them, however im sure theyre pretty simmilar

    the oxtars look a little more ventilated which is good, however the silver tow slider is a little less low key

    edit: and they both have that annoying split zip cover
  13. I have the Visions mate.. I have only had them on for a short time, but they are a very good fit for my foot.. If you go the Setup, just fyi i had to go one size smaller..

    The Oxtars are a better boot, but i dont find to comfy to walk around in for a long time. They also squeak like hell where the heel torsion protection is..
  14. I have done 30,000km in my Astar GPS3 boots and still think they are a good value boot and will buy another pair when these ones are no good. I have worn them on 2 1800km 3 day trips and found them comfortable.
  15. Just bought the Oztars and cause the Aussie dolar went up a cent over night i splurged on express delivery. $192.70 delivered, hopefully they will be sweet.

    Thanks everyone for your advice and suggestions ill let everyone know how they are once ive got em on my feet.


  16. Sorry mate, to answer your question, i dont have the ss style, looks like they dont do my ones anymore. The ones you got are very similar..
  17. found out why i couldnt find the oxtar homepage. Oxtar and Alpinestars had a dispute over the logos being similar or something and Oxtar have changed there name to and rebadged all there boots as TCX.

    This is why a few places are running out the oxtars for really good prices


    hurry up damn christmas mail delays
  18. I bought a pair of them too and they were very rigid but now they feel all right. Confortable for a long ride with walks in between. Pity they get very hot inside when not riding.

  19. Aha, thats why i couldnt find the web page hey.. :grin: