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Can anyone out there design a Logo?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Toecutter, May 1, 2007.

  1. Hi

    The Ulysses Club discussion forum are looking into getting some shirts made up and need a Logo.

    I've got some idea of what I'm after but don't have a clue how to get it into a logo. Was thinking of an old style computer screen with the Ulysses butterfly. And the address www.ulyssesclub.org maybe in (or around) the screen in DOS type text

    Here's the butterfly


    For now it is to be a one colour process.

    As we are effectively a non-profit organisation, can't offer any remuneration but if we choose your logo, I'd happily send you a voucher for beer or books and you get the honour of being on our first batch of shirts.

    Many thanks in advance and of course PM any questions or via my email in profile
  2. Alex, I think Sophie's dad (blackmarton??) posted up sometime last week that he was a graphic artist/photoshop expert/designer whatever. Maybe shoot him a PM anyway, he can explain?
  3. How odd.. I've been designing logos all night for typography subject (digital media @ unsw). Unfortunately I was also modelling (no not that kind) in maya for 6 hours today so I'm pretty much blind.
    Might have a fiddle, at least do some editing to make a template you can play with, tomorrow.
  4. Thanks Jarrod, appreciate any assistance
  5. I think he'd have enough to do at the moment with Sophie so I wont bother him - but thanks for the recommendation.

    I remember a few attempts at new netrider logo quite a few months back so hoping to tap into some of that talent.
  6. have you seen BHPs logo...
    Any idiot can create a logo... (And in that case get millions)
  7. Rockers - oh well you're only over two years late :roll: Search for Ulysses Canberra AGM if you are interested

    In regards to the Butterfly, don't know, I just go to their rally's and the beer is cold :cool:

    But can you design a one colour logo :wink:
  8. Gday,

    I'm an industrial/graphic designer. Did you get your logo sorted?

    Happy to help.

  9. Hi Jez

    Nothing as yet. Phizog seemed a bit snowed under so any assistance would be appreciated

    Cheers Alex
  10. why a computer screen? how about an ascii butterfly made from the website address repeted?
  11. Top idea :cool:

    Hope to see your contribution Eswen
  12. nah i made the effort of having the idea, some other sucker can do it.
  13. They said Ulysses not YOU SISSYS
  14. Vic. [​IMG]

    *edit* Out of respect for any sissy members here, post edited.
  15. Thanks to Jez I'm sorted