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can anyone look at a bike with me (Oct 19th)?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fin mental, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I am looking to upgrade and I don't have much experience riding, let alone buying a bike.

    I am still on restrictions but can't hack staying on my little 125 for another year!

    I have seen a bike of interest advertised by bikebiz at Granville.
    I intend to go along on Saturday morning for a looksee.

    An experienced opinion of the bike would be nice to have.

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  2. And THAT is the best part of forums - helping out someone who genuinely appreciates it.

    Hope someone comes to the party for you mate.
  3. What bike are you looking at?
  4. ER6n L

  5. Great bikes I had one while on my restrictions - loved her. Hope you find someone to go and have a look with you.

    What year and how many k's ?

    Cheers Jeremy
  6. 2010
    10,500 km
  7. Bugger all k's I put 18,000 on mine in the 14 months I had her and she did not miss a beat
  8. i am not grandfather of sales expertise...but sometime you roll up to see a second hand mbike, even in a prominaent dealer, and if the mbike looks like chickens have been nesting in it, run for your life.

    i cant belive the shit that some people present for sale...that looks like it was salvaged from the bottom of the the river and given a 5 minute 'once over'

    you will know if its been looked after.

    the sound of it, the feel of it, the looks of it, leaks underneath where no one bothers to look, check it hasnt been warmed up BEFORE you get there......, teh feel of the brakes when you squeeze the handle, the smoothness of the clutch. if you look at 4 mbikes identical, you will see the one that is the real deal.
  9. They have to give you a three month warranty as per statute. I probably could come look at it with you but honestly dealers are good enough to hide anything that I might pick up normally. Just check the wear items, then offer them 10% off asking or so.
  10. Hi Fin,
    Cant go tomorrow but Josh volunteered over in the Ls so thats good.

    The ER6s seem to be pretty solid bikes. Haven't heard of any issues with them in general and a quick google didn't turn up anything to really watch for.

    Bikebiz generally have a good rep but did you check with them re a test ride? Some dealers require you to book first but I dont know about Bikebiz.

    Re the warranty, its a good idea to have a mechanic check it over for you before the end of the warranty just in case.

    - look at all the normal pre-ride things, like lights all work (inc high beam), brakes front and rear, tyre wear, signs of oil either under the bike if its been standing in the one place (probs not) and on the underside of the bike particularly around the sump plug and oil filter, similarly for coolant.
    - check the oil level and look at the oil on the dipstick. You dont want to see a milky look.
    - when starting .... listen. Rattly noises are usually not good on a modern bike
    - try out the ergos ... sit and make sure its comfortable to reach the bars and levers and that when you place your feet on the pegs you can reach the pedals without feeling like your ankles are doing unnatural things
    - look at the service history and ensure its had all its services in reasonable time. If the receipts are available look to see if anything that seems unusual had to be done or replaced (ie not mentioned in the service booklet)
    - suspension - push down on the bars from in front and see that the forks rebound back up without wallowing. Same for the rear.
    - look for signs its been dropped. Not necessarily an issue, especially for just a drop, but if its has you might want to exercise a little more caution and look a bit closer. You probs wont be able to tell if its been repaired after an accident though (not if its been done properly anyway)
    - when you take her for a run:
    * you will be thinking about it being more powerful then what you are used to but that doesn't mean that it should be snatchy at low speed/revs.
    * do test the brakes are effective and working well, but of course do so carefully
    * see how the shifting feels .. different bikes are different and some are downright clunky without it being a problem though. You will be looking more for ease of shift and a definite feeling that its gone in. Do use good shifting technique though ... hold the pedal (up or down) until you have completed the shift and released the clutch lever.

    Thats about all I can think of off-hand. Good luck!
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