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Can anyone help with some suspension setup?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Dougz, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. My brother came round the other day and told me that his front end feels like sh*t on his SV1000S, (which is what I told him when I rode it one time...) anyway;

    Is there anyone over this side of town (Footscray, Yarraville etc) who can help out with setting his bike up properly? I've read Roarin's article


    and am willing to give it a go on my own bike but am not keen to try it out on his in case I f**k it up. Maybe Rob or Loz? Could someone shoot me a PM if you're interested in helping out on a Sunday maybe or after work one night? There's a 6 pack in it :grin:

    Cheers in advance guys,

  2. 6 pack? I'm in!

    They're not adjustable though, are they? Taking a guess, I'd say it needs heavier weight fork oil ($15), and possibly new springs or just a few shims to preload his old ones a bit more. Fitting that stuff is easy enough and a bit of bouncy bouncy, a measure while he's sitting on it and maybe a ride around the block ought to tell me if it's in your head or worth worrying about.

    Gimme a ring, doodely doodely doo
  3. Sweet! Will do.

    It's an '03 and I'm pretty sure they're adjustable... I'll call you later on after I tee up when he's free too :)

    Thanks Loz.
  4. ...watching with interest...
  5. Starting to sound more like steering head bearings than forky issues Rob, either not tight enough, or notched and rooted, 'cause the bike's giving a weaving sensation in the corners. Doubt it's the forks.

    I'll hopefully get a look at the bike possibly tomorrow arvo to see what the issue is and if there's work to be done it's looking like next Wed night, drop round for a beer and a spanner and a laugh.
  6. Hmmm... sounds like it could be an interesting night. :)
  7. Give us a hoy, Loz, if you need.
  8. Woohoo! Spanner party!
  9. Giggedy! :grin:
  10. Better than a spoonter party, I guess.
  11. Is it BYO ?
    I'll bring the socket set :p
    Hope you're bringing the camera Loz ... :wink:
  12. Front Suspension CBR600F

    Hi All,

    I am new to motorbikes and really have no idea about set ups.

    But since having my bike serviced, I have noticed a significant difference in performance. It is smoother when applying the power and the odd little noise has seemed to disappear. Mainly in the 4000-5000rpm range while in second and third.

    This has had me thinking! Scary I know.

    But the front suspension feels really hard, with little give. I don't know if this is normal for my CBR600F 2005 model.

    I say this because as I go into a corner. It feels like it should give more. For want of a better term. It feels like it bounces back at me instead of giving. This could also be all in my head.

    When I brought it they did say the gentleman who owned it commuted to and from work on it. And with its condition I believe them. So I would suggest he rode it as it was when he got it.

    Is the front suspension adjustable?
    How do you do it?
    How would you find out if it needs doing?
    Should I take it to the bike shop for adjusting?(Freedom Motorcycles Brookvale NSW)

    Thanking you in Advance

    May it always be sunny. With the road long and twisty.
  13. Shane,

    Both your front and rear suspension is fully adjustable.

    First step: Find your manual (should be in your bikes boot). Look up suspension settings. There it will tell you exactly how to change your sag, preload and rebound on both front and rear. It will also have your stock settings.

    Compare your settings to the stock settings. If they are different you should set your bike according to stock settings. You always personalise your settings from the stock settings as they are usually pretty good.

    Come back to us and let us know what you find.
    Good luck, its pretty easy just read the owners manual carefully.

  14. Try 38psi tyre pressure first! Works for me!
  15. Thanks for the feedback


    Got out owners manual. It only mentions Rear Suspension. Has 7 adjustment settings. Will have to look in daytime as under fluro lights can't really tell where it is currently set at. Although have a feeling it will be at factory as Believe previous owner was my size and wouldn't have changed factory setting.

    But it is the front end that feels a little ridgid and bouncy at times.


    Am running 36 psi in front and 41 psi in rear. Have Batalax 021 bridgestone tyres.


    May it always be sunny. With the road long and twisty.
  16. The tyre pressure is okay,

    I just looked up your bike: "Suspension - Front, 43mm fully adjustable cartridge-type telescopic fork"

    Check your manual doesn't have any pages missing, it has to be covered in there. Otherwise try and find another manual online to download.
  17. Thanks again for your help


    Its not in this owner's manual.

    So will have to have a checkers online. Although I think I will probably take it into the bike shop. As I am not really the mechanical type.

    I am also going riding all this weekend. Up the infamous Oxley Hwy way. I believe we are going putty road, thunder bolt, bucketts way etc. All over the place.

    So I will have lots of cornering. It may help me decide if its all in my head.

    Thanks Dude

    May it always be sunny. With the road long and twisty.
  18. Okay,

    Do a google search no doubt its been documented somewhere online before.
    Have a look at some of the CBR specific forums there is a wealth of knowledge there. I would advise you spend some time and learn how to adjust the suspension yourself its really not worth going to a mechanic for and its one of those things you really need to know about your bike.

    Hope this all helps,

  19. Dougz, how's ya bro's bike feel today?