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Can anyone explain this?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Grumply, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Aquaplaning? On a motorcycle? What?!


  2. id call it fake, just like that magician bloke that walks on water
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    Are you familiar with kinetic energy?

    The bike has forward momentum before it hits the water, it is traveling so fast that the front wheel skips along, much like a pebble thrown across water, and the rear wheel is displaceing enough water to maintain the forward momentum.

    They do it on snowmobiles too:

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  6. There really wasn't any need for that you idiot.
  7. I'm surrounded by idiots! lol

    If you look at the gif over and over (good thing it's on loop) you can see he has a ramp out of the pool anyway so he's somewhat cheating/ Still cool none the less=D>
  8. Harden up princess.
  9. I imagine the ramp would be so he can get the front wheel over the lip of the concrete. If it wasn't there, he'd probably go arse over tit. It's not really cheating.
  10. I'm torn on whether some of those are just plain outright fake.
    Notice they tend towards the edge of the "puddles".
    No issues with snowmobiles, but they have a few huge advantages.

    The physics shows its definitely possible.
  11. Stop being such a girl, man.
  12. Pretty sure that's Travis Pastrana in the main post. I think they showed it on his show.
  13. +1 look up Nitro Circus guys
  14. It's not fake, it's Nitro Circus!

    Bloody awesome.

    (It's Andy Bell riding the bike from memory) (Edit: No it's not, it's Travis)

    There's been plenty of time they didn't make as well. Travis hit a floating ramp & attempted a backflip in one episode.
  15. IIRC some of them used modified rear tyres with big paddles when they did it on the massive open lake.

  16. What, did goz offend your Christian fundamentalism?

    Or are you working up to getting banned again ;)

  17. +1 Yup.... those boys are nuts and great show. I just love how everyone else can epic fail at a stunt then Travis will pull it off like it was nothing! Hitting the floating ramp was a great example!
  18. The tyres they use in sand have paddles on them. Or that's what they look like. Just big rubber ribs with about 100mm spacing. And funny enough they are called paddle tyres.
  19. Hmm? im no christian. I'm an athiest.
  20. A slow one, I see.