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Can anyone confirm if the Millers Rd and Grieves Parade Cameras are operational?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Pugsly, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. I started working in Laverton recently, checked http://www.camerassavelives.vic.gov.au/home/locations/ and saw no cameras between the Westgate Bridge and where I exit at Laverton.

    Then I saw - www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/speed-camera-reboot-to-nab-speeding-west-gate-fwy-motorists/story-fni0fit3-1227201196228

    Can anyone confirm if they are in fact issuing fines? If so, I may be contributing to the state coffers :(
  2. Those still look like front facing cameras to me. Unless they've installed additional rear-facing ones...
    (no sympathy if you were in a car).
  3. They're definitely rear facing. (I was on the bike)
  4. Millers Rd out bound is rear facing & last time I checked (a couple of years ago) still active.

    It doesn't, however, point down the offramp ;)
  5. It was turned off for a while... and according to the article I posted up, due to be turned back on in Feb. I'm hoping that was delayed.
  6. They had portable LED signs a few weeks back stating the cameras are back in operation.
  7. Ah I see, yes, just read the article. It would have been before 2013 for me, so no help sorry.
  8. I'm hopefully that in the governments usual efficient self, that they didn't actually get to it yet.
  9. Unfortunately even the government are capable of flicking a switch... sometimes...
  10. I suspect that this would fall into the same anomaly that faces banks with interest rates, or fuel at the bowser with oil prices. it seems so very hard and lots to do before they're able to reduce the price/rate to the customer when it goes down, but by some miracle all the cogs turn very efficiently and everything seems to be implemented much quicker when it's the opposite way around and there's money to be lost (for them).

    Does anyone know the turn around time for camera fines?
  11. Mate got a fine there on his bike, received fine 2 weeks later.
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  12. This is since early Feb? Bugger :(

    I guess I'll learn my fate in 2 weeks.
  13. Bloody hell pugsly, Nazza Wazza to Lavo... that's a helluva commute. Hope the job is worth it mate.
  14. Yeah happened in March mate.
    Tough titties aye...
  15. It's where they send me mate. Last gig was Docklands, this one is Laverton.

    It's looking like a nasty surprise is coming in the mail for me. Thanks for the info miksmiks
  16. Don't forget. If you haven't had a fine in 2 years, you can ask them to change it to a warning instead. (Provided you weren't going that fast at the time).