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Can anyone check out a bike in Mosman?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Makybe05, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Hey,
    Interested in Suzuki Across in Mosman, Sydney and I'm just wondering if anyone would be able to check it out for me and maybe have a ride of it since i live 500km's away. I'd greatly appreciate it and I'd certainly throw in something for having a look for me depending on what your tastes are :p


  2. yeah mate id be happy to do it, i would be able to do it untill next week but.
  3. +1

    I don't get back till saturday night.
  4. So does that mean you'd be able to do it over the weekend?
  5. I could help you out if you get stuck. I do SFA all day :LOL:
  6. I just got in contact with the seller, he said anytime today or tomorrow.
  7. Can anyone have a look tomorrow for me?
  8. i cant do tomorrow mate, it would be monday at earliest.
  9. mate i have had a look at it,
    major problems:
    -front suspension has bugger all dampening, the rotted fork seal on the LH fork would explain this, so new oil and new seals just to start off with. there is a suspect gouge on the RH fork???
    -there is some serious corrosion on the frame and the forks, there is alot of corrosion everywhere else on the bike.
    -the master cylinder cap seal has perished, evidence of brake fliud leaking out onto the outside

    minor problems:
    -a number of fairing bolts are missing, and a chain gaurd bolt is missing.
    -the engine feels flat, im not a fan of fours but the power delivery was sluggish even where the power band should be (10-13 grand)
    -the clutch cable is dry as anything, i reckon this would make it prone to breaking at some point sooner than later.
    -a crack on the RHS fairing, she has obviously been on her side a few
    -there is a squeek coming from the rear, where this is the suspension or brakes i dont know, either could be a simple fix or a difficult one.

    good points:
    -all road worthy seems ok, lights horn works, steering head bearings seem tight enough, wheel bearing seem ok, but there is a bit wheel drag on the front, probably the brake pads causing this. at worst a bent axel difficult to tell with out taking the pads out and having a squiz.
    -plenty of tread left in tyres, although they are shit tyres (dunlops)
    -the fairing is nice and clean and the sticker kit looks cool.

    Why i wouldnt buy this bike:
    To be honest allthough the guy was nice bloke he had SFA idea about maintinance, either that or he is just dodgey. he said he has had it for 18months, and he brought it with about 21000kms on it (he said this with a stumble) and now it has about 23000kms on it. about 10 mins later he said he rode it to work every day :roll:
    its a grey import.
    he said he has kept it inside, but it ahs clearly been left outside, bad move in a house less than a kilometer from the ocean, hence the corrsion.
    he has been trying to sell the bike for two months, and he is going to canada in january. for this sort of a bike not moving in 2 months tends to tell you something. have you done a revs check yet? i can send you the VIN eng# later if you wish. it only has rego untill may.
    he wanted 4k for it, he said he would drop it down to 3.5k. i wouldnt personally pay a cent over 2800 and that would be if someone had a gun to my head saying buy it!
    meh, its your money, how desperate are you for it? buy a twin mate. :grin:
  10. Man, for a 5 year old, you sure know about bikes. Great Powers of perception. You'll go far little one... :LOL:
  11. yeah i need a booster seat to be able to see over the tank on the firestorm :eek: :LOL: