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Can anybody recommend accommodation Tas

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by sleepa, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Hi, A mate & I have booked a boat ride in march and was hoping for a little insight to accommodation. Can anybody recommend a roof with a bed. Thanks. I thought there was a "sticky" or something similar on recommended accommodation around Aus a while ago... or did l just dream it.

  2. Where exactly in Tassie are you going? That would help narrow it down.
  3. It sounds like you have quite a large list.
    West coast, possibly spending a night somewhere between Strahan & Derwent Bridge. Hobart is sorted. East coast, St Mary's to St Helens area. This could all change out on the road though.
  4. Lots of accommodation in Strahan it's a tourist town. Caravan parks will often have on site vans if you are looking for budget accommodation. No specific recommendations for you though. Have fun :)
  5. List of B&B style places here:

    Pubs are usually cheaper:

    I stayed at Mole Creek pub which was good value. Also stayed at Bicheno By The Bay, which is not too far from St Marys. Cabins at standard pricing but there is an excellent motorcycle museum in town.

    If you try the Tassie Riders forums you might get local info or even some offers.
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  6. Thanks for the input guys.
  7. Hi Sleepa

    Thought I'd jump in here - I'm an old Tassie boy and did a motorbike trip around there with mates 2 years ago - http://www.tassiebiketours.com.au. My son also just ran around Tasmania and stayed in lots of places.

    Here are my tips - I've stayed at these places and are happy to recommend them.

    If you get to Weldborough (north east of the state), just before Derby, check out the Weldborough Hotel. Various accommodation offered, including rooms and camping spots.

    Old hotel that's been refurbished.

    Scottsdale has the Lord's Hotel - great old pub, cheap as chips.

    Bridport (north Tassie, on Bass Strait) has the Bridport Hotel. Basic and cheap rooms. Terrific meals.

    On the other side of the Tamar if you head to Beaconsfield, keep going until you hit Beauty Point. Great old pub there called the Beauty Point Riveria Hotel. http://www.beautypointrivierahotel.com.au/

    Again, cheap rooms, great outlook and good food. The way a pub should be.

    Heading north west from there, you might get to Stanley. Great little fishing village with the beautifully restored 1840 Stanley hotel. Small, basic rooms at a reasonable rate - the restaurant is fantastic, though a little on the $$ side.

    If you head down the West Coast roads - through Waratah to Savage River to Corinna is magnificent. In Waratah is the Bischoff Hotel. Decent bed and meal. Nothing flash.

    In Corinna you can get accommodation (never stayed there) - jump on the barge and get across the river and head into Zeehan or Strahan.

    Strahan has plenty of accommodation, from backpackers to hotels. We've stayed at the Regatta Hotel before (terrible food) and the Strahan Backpackers YHA. You get into a cabin for $30 a night.

    Queenstown has plenty of hotels. Some are pretty rough and I can't remember the one I stayed in.

    Out of Queenstown on the way to Hobart you have Derwent Bridge - has a pub but not much else. Pretty expensive for accommodation and food.

    Hope that helps.
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  8. Recommendations for Hobart?
  9. Hobart YHA. Cheap.

    Or jump on to hostelworld.com and search for hostels in Hobart.
  10. Caravan Park in Bicheno - Clean - reasonably priced - bike friendly - nice people (pumped up my tyre for me when I had a puncture so I could get it repaired.

    My 2 bob
  11. Not too far from Hobart... at Cambridge, http://www.barilla.com.au/

    Try the pizzas too.

  12. Hobart accommodation - 99CIBBER is staying at Shippies - http://shipwrightsarms.com.au/
    Favourite place to stay - old hotel, great food, great bar (without being filled with pokies and TV screens).
  13. +1. Great pub and publican. Battery Point is a great area to stay in.
  14. +2. Never stayed, but it was a regular stop on our regular pub crawls between Moonah and the Casino in my yoof...
  15. Stayed there last week. I wouldn't ever stay again or recommend it unless you are on a very tight budget.

    There was a mix up (on their part) with the room booking and we had to get a second room, the combined cost of which would have payed for a decent hotel room. Each of our two rooms was tiny, mine was infested with ants. Both rooms had broken window sash cords, the windows being held partially open with blocks of wood. It was unbearably hot in Hobart when we stayed and the rooms suffocating.

  16. eat the ants save on meals
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  17. I was going to say, ask Arc, as he has just come back from there.

    So Arc, where 's the best places you stayed and the ones that are shit holes you stayed in,

    So every one can avoid the Crappola places.

    We need a good and bad thread on places to stay in Tassie,

    You can all contribute to that one,
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  18. Best place without doubt was the Strahan Motel.

    BIG room, huge bathroom, biker friendly. Good beds. Very friendly staff. Aircon/heating, small private garden area for smokers, erratic wireless though (didn't have a "n" class adapter, only "g"...if I'd had an "n" it would have been excellent). Stayed there for four nights, originally only intended to do one night. Got a very good rate through wotif which they matched for each subsequent night.

    I'd highly recommend it.

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