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Can any suzuki across owners help me out?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by gsxxer, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Hi, ive been trying to find larger replacement mirrors for the extremely small standard ones. I went down to the suzuki dealership and found some aftermarket suzuki bandit and gs500 mirrors that had similar mounting brackets. turns out the across mounting brackets have smaller bolt spacing than other suzukis. no matter i thought i could undo the stem from the mount only to find the manufacturers had permanently locked the bolt in. so are there any more replacements out there?

  2. well seeing as its a gsx 250 f i was tols when i had mine that a gsxr mirror would fit it nicely... maybe look into that
  3. Ive heard that mirrors are 'tuned' to the bike so that they dont shake much. You might want to make sure that any replacement mirrors dont shake like buggery and blur everything.

    Ive found that the stock mirrors are quite adequate, just adjust them right, then tuck ur elbows in when you actually want to look behind u :p

    If you do end up replacing the mirrors, let us know how it went.
  4. im still working on the problem, ive had no luck finding replacements, but if i can find another set of stock mirrors ill try to attach a larger convex to the mirror frame.

    otherwise ive seen some nifty rearview camera setups, that would be good too
  5. hi there....pretty sure that suzuki across has the same mount bolt pattern as ZXR750,GSXR750/1100(pre96),RGV250 (all models)NSR250(all models)CBR250(all models) all these mirrors are available aftermarket and are quite cheap
  6. I needed to replace my broken mirror so I was told to purchase Honda CBR250R Mirrors, I ended up getting a new pair from ebay $20 for the pair! The bolt spacing is the same but you can only tighten up the mirror on one bolt as the other bolt is too short to come through the hole.
    The do vibrate a tiny bit but you can hardle notice it when looking into the mirror. I think if you have to look in the mirror it should be only for a quick glance, id rather keep my eyes on the front :)
  7. in the end i put some RGV250 mirrors on, the stalks on them are longer than the across mirrors so i can see better behind me. still my shoulder is in the way but not dangerously so anymore