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can an oil filter be changed without chaning oil?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by undii, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Just had a question in my head, can an oil filter be changed on a bike without needing to change the oil. It's just something I've had lingering in my head and would just like to know the answer to. Would oil spill out if it hadn't been drained out first or is it possible?

    Thanks to anyone able to answer this and give any explanations if needed. Cheers :cool:
  2. No
    Yes,real messy
    Its more important to
    change the oil...
  3. Why? Why? Why?

    Why do you want to change the filter and not the oil? :? :? :?
  4. if a "spin on" filter yes, you can change it, but you'd lose oil.

    If a "cartridge? type, the you'd lose all, or close to all, the oil.

    It'd be so messy and you'd lose so much oil, you'd end up with an oil change anyway. Apart from possibly a damaged spin on type filter, or you want to experiment with filter micron ratings to say, play with oil flow, I can't think of a reason why you would want to change filter between oil changes.

  5. And even then, you'd need to have some sophisticated test gear, or rely on the engine going bang as an experimental outcome.

    I have read of someone (a septic, I think) who advocated leaving the oil unchanged for the life of the vehicle and just changing filters, but I wouldn't suggest it. Oil is cheaper than rebuilds.
  6. Hehehhe probably rode one of those low revving, big capacity, vtwin things... wouldn't matter wot you did with the oil I reckon. :wink:
    (99% of harley davidsons are still on the road, one percent made it home)

    Oil is an integral part of the cooling system as well as the lube system. It must be changed and changed regularly. Personally I change the filter and oil at the same time, although the manual says filter evey second oil change. Don't like the idea of leaving 300-500ml of old oil sitting in the filter to contaminate the new stuff.

  7. about $60 a pop for a decent oil analysis, add in TAN and TBN tests closer to $85.

    and the element type cartridges used on vehicals do not take out some of the nasties like water, unburnt fuel, particals smaller then 10um.

    so i guess yes you can but WTF would you???
  8. YES, as long as you turn the bike upside down so the filter is the highest point of the engine. :)

  9. Of course you bike might never work again after doing that...
  10. if the filter is on the front of the engine, you could prop up the front wheel so the bike is leaning back, let the oil sit at the back of the engine and change the filter...

    i suppose it's more a question of why :?

    probably easier to drain the oil into a container, change filter, replace oil
  11. Oil goes bad, not just becasue it gets dirty, but because it breaks down. This is does to shear stress.

    this is particully true of bike, because the oil shear is quite high in gearboxes.

    Haven't you ever noticed how runny your engine oil is at change time, compared to whats going back in?

    Yes, on most bikes you would only loose about 1 litre of oil (or less), if you only changed the filter, but I wouldn't
  12. While we are on the subject, can you change a tyre without changing the air? :p
  13. Absolutely, they leak so much oil it's changed on a continual basis by top-ups anyway.

    It's not just about contamination. Oil is composed mainly of long chain carbon molecules that get 'chopped up' into shorter chains over time. Even oil that has been 100% cleaned of contaminants will become less effective because of this. :grin:
  14. I do hope this is not indicative of your maintenance plan for the new trumpy, wazza??? :p
  15. If it's anything like the 9R's set up, then Triway and Androo are right. Hold the front wheel high enough above the level of the rear and the filter can be changed without losing oil... apart from the dribble from the filter itself.

  16. Nah, I had 3 K&N filters ordered and then I was given an OEM triumph filter as well (after I had made my plans of doing 3 oil changes for break in and first month) so at the end I had 4 filters + 3 lots of oil (and 3 crush washers) for my break in/month period. Thought I might just whack in the OEM filter in between oil changes just to use it if it was possible but seeing as it isn't, I guess I won't be using it. Might have to see if any fellow 675 owners want a OEM oil filter soon :)