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Can Am??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. At the risk of copious amounts of ridicule, can I ask, does anyone here own and ride a Can Am RT, around 2010-2011 model?? Feedback, please?

  2. Don't own one, know a guy that does and I have ridden it.
    Not my cup of tea, but he loves it. It is comfortable and has plenty of poke and every viable safety feature. If you're interested, take one for a test ride, just be aware the steering is quite direct and will feel really twitchy at first.
  3. Thanks, DA :). I'm looking for something to get my wife back onto a bike, and I'd be prepared to accept some compromise if it achieves that end. Obviously I wouldn't be replacing the VFR, just adding to it....
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  4. Be aware you DO end up leaning on them. The machine doesn't lean. At all. Rock solid stable in fact. But YOU, and most relevently your passenger, need to lean to cope with cornering forces. The lounge chair like rear seat does help, and it's not like riding a sports bike, but you do still lean a bit.
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  5. A mate of mine has one, as well as a BMW R1100 (something or other - I think it used to be an RT). He bought it for his wife to drive. She got her L's on a old 250 Road/Trial then once she got her fulls she drove the CAN AM. But he occasionally uses it himself. He was telling me that it's not as quick or as much fun in the twisties as a motorbike, and obviously isn't as nibble in traffic. His wife prefers the pillion seat on the CAN AM.

    But you know the deal mate. Test ride one with your Mrs and see what she thinks.
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  6. Well, we're in Canberra at the moment, just visited the Can Am dealer here and she saw and sat on an RT for the first time. And liked it!! Very comfortable and no need to hang on, so too speak. Next step is a ride.....
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  7. Hi Hornet my girls got one and loves it 2012 Rt
    took a while to get used to it but she has ducks disease so she can't fall off this one ,
    now the hard part is keeping her points .
    talking to a mechanic the other day and he says he looks after about 40 of them (non dealer )
    so I reckon they are becoming more popular .
    handy to she can drive you home
  8. Gee thanks for that :)
  9. Tomorrow morning we'll be back in Canberra to test ride an RT. The nice man at CMC is going to give us a tutorial and then turn us loose for a ride in the country.....
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  10. I'll be interested to read your thoughts after the ride. I will consider a Spyder one day in the future when riding a large touring bike with pillion is no longer an enjoyable prospect. I hope the coming rain has passed over leaving you with a sunny day to enjoy the ride together.
  11. fixed
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  12. It took me three reads to see your fix and I haven't had a drink yet. It's Friday night and not easy to summon the outrage at you interfering with my post like that. Hurt feelings again, how dare you. On a different topic, was that photo you posted the other day of Angie in new leathers? You're punching above your weight if it was.
  13. yeah i like interfering with posts
    might punch her in the undies
    wonder how much im punching above now
  14. I like to tough-talk too but really all I hear is "Yes dear, whatever you say, dear..."
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  15. well maybe you should go out with her
  16. Well from appearances I definitely would, but my wife frowns on me dating; it's very frustrating sometimes.
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  17. One thing I have heard about the Spyders hornethornet is to make sure it's been laser aligned. From the factory they can be very very twitchy and they aren't supposed to be at all.
  18. Good tip.
    Well we're just having a cuppa at Black Mountain Tower after about 50kms in intermittent showers and a 35kmh sidewind, talk about a test in the worst possible conditions!!! I was pleasantly surprised after reading a lot of horror stories that the bike is very easy to ride. It steers a bit differently as low speed but at highway speeds it's very predictable.
    Mrs Hornet likes it, which is the most important part of the exercise: even the rain couldn't dampen her enthusiasm. The windshield and me being in front meant only her knees got a bit wet, and the only problem was that my Large (spare) helmet was a bit too big: she'll need a Medium if we go ahead with the plan.
    Yesterday we also test-drove an MX5 sports car, so now we have a decision to make....
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  19. Car = poo. My vote.
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