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Can-Am Spyder

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kevinnugent, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Just had a client come into the office to show off his new toy to me. Good lord. I've never seen one of these beasties in the flesh before! They are an absolute killer looking thing.

    Has anyone here had any experience with them or own one? It's a real possibility for me once my Restrictions are off in 12 months!

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  2. They're not a bike though are they.

    Car licence or bike licence for those?
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  3. In Qld, they require an unrestricted bike license. Although, an R autotmatic license is ok for the semi-Auto model evidently.
  4. They require a bike license. Bombardier lobbied the Federal Gov't to have them classified as a vehicle without success.

    I like them. Would make a great cruisy tourer, and the trailer is great.
  5. I rode one at the Bike expo a few years ago - good fun but nothing like as good as riding a bike.
    The handling was weird and I couldn't see any advantage of owning one. If I wanted extra stability with wind in my face motoring I'd buy an old Land Rover or Jeep and fold the windscreen down.
  6. What is the world coming to?
  7. Your mad for three wheels, aren't you?
  8. Haha. Seems that way.
  9. LOL, if it's working you, stick to it....
  10. Seeing as you posted this on a motorcycle forum, here go....
    I hate Spyders, l'd rather wave to a Harley rider than someone on one of those f'cking things.:ROFLMAO:

    I don't consider them a motorcycle, even though you must have a bike licence.

    I understand if a motorcyclist has a medical condition that prohibits them from being on 2 wheels, for sure, go with the Spyder.

    Not sure why l have this view, might have something to do with being stuck behind a couple of these things heading up through the hills on my way to Cabramurra, each time l had the opportunity to pass, they would speed up or move to the centre of the road. Or the person that rides one locally here, that thinks their sh't dont stink!
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  11. Trikes,

    All the disadvantages of a bike with none of the advantages and all the disadvantages of a car with non of the advantages.

    Personally, if I could no longer ride a motorcycle I'd be more tempted to by a sports car, at least it'll go round corners.

    Oh and why do Spyder drivers where all the gear, afraid they might fall over....:banghead:
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  12. All the disadvantages of a car and all the disadvantages of a motorbike rolled into one! I can't understand anyone buying one of these unless they have a medical/physical condition.
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    First post having been on bikes for the last 60 odd years there comes a time when you realise that you can no longer ride one safely ie bike to heavy to hold at stop lights etc , still want to ride so what do you well i have bought a spyder rss and after a trial period of learning how to get the best out of it i can more than keep up with most large bikes , most of us old farts ride these because they are better to ride than trikes yes i miss the way i used to ride but at 80 i am still out there giving the finger to the odd motorist.

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  14. Good on you seashellsseashells, choose your own ride.
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  15. I know a couple of blokes with them, not to flash on bumps at speed. There both getting on a bit so good on them. Wasn't that impressed getting passed by one in 1/3 of my lane on a resent run. Thankfully he eased off after a while and resumed a more normal position at the back of the group
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  16. Can Am's not for me. At least a traditional sidecar gives you extra seating for total 3 or 4 if you go double adult.
    As a very young child our family transport was one such outfit. Just about identical to this red and cream boat nose job about halfway down this page. http://www.realclassic.co.uk/sidecar_outfit_april_2012.html
    Or if you must go three wheel, spend 4 times as much on the Morgan.
    morgan 3
  17. Point of order.

    CanAm Spyders are Trikes not bikes.

    But good on you Seashells - I understand your reasoning. But I'd still be tempted to get a convertible sports car instead....
  18. I think I am with Mick here.

    I have actually ridden/driven a CanAm, and it was a very different experience.

    If I found I couldn't, for whatever reason, ride a bike, I have to be honest, I'd look for a wee sports car rather than a three wheeler...... well, I can't afford a Morgan. :-(

    The one think I would seriously tell folk that may be interested in a CanAm, is that it takes quite a reasonable length of a test ride before any decision should be made.

    They don't drive like a car, and they don't work like a motorbike, either..... at first, they feel seriously weird, but, if you are interested, they do, with some practice, work quite well.

    Sorry seashells, and I DO wish you much joy of your new beast.