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Can am Spyder Rt [moved from general discussion]

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Brick, May 18, 2013.

  1. Any one here have any experience with these?

    Yes a know there not technically a motorcycle, but they're close. I'm trying to arrange a test ride but would like some feed back first.

  2. I test rode it. Its not that fast because its only a 1000 twin. Would be better with a busa engine or something.

    The ride is a bit harsh because you cant avoid bumps as on a bike. Its actually quite hard to stay on if you are pushing it in corners because it doesnt lean and so you are getting thrown off the seat.

    Its lots of fun though and a challenge, it would be interesting to own.

    Its worth a test ride.
  3. My brother rode one yesterday and found that even with power steering, with his damaged shoulder the steering was far too heavy..
  4. I rode one,but preferred the camry.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Feedback I've got so far says for the same size tank as my GT, the Spyder gets only 300km. The big BMW will happily give me 500-600km.

    300km is not much of a range as touring vehicle.
  7. Looks like a jetski on wheels...
  8. I've wondered about these - you would get the alive, out in the air feeling but not the cornering fun of a bike 2 wheels. Can't legally park it on the footpath. Would that be the same as a good handling convertible (car)? It's bucketing down outside at the moment, if you had an MX5 instead, you could put the roof up. Is the Canam a solution looking for a problem?
  9. Got to admit, for less money, a Westfield clubman would give better handling, go as or quicker and probably comparable ride while still getting wet in the rain.

    The spyder seemed like a good idea to start with, now I'm just not so sure.
  10. I was going to mention a Clubman, but thought it might be a bit esoteric. Saw a bloke having an absolute blast in an old Caterham once. Driving for the pure fun of it.
  11. if you're interested in this sort of thing, they do look cool at least :D

    Saw one parked on monavale rd at St ives a few weeks ago. @ultram is right they do look very jetski like.
  12. Assuming the footpath is wide enough, since they are legally a bike, bike rules apply, including footpath parking in Melbourne.

    Might be tricky to get it on a gutter they are quite low.

    I guess that meant that they could also legally filter as well in the Sydney CBD recently (even if they couldn't practically). Guess they could still filter past motorcycles.
  13. Rule in VIC (straight from Vicroads) for footpath parking is:
    - I'm assuming it's a width issue. Sorry, one advantage in having just done my L's a month ago.
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  14. Ok schooled
  15. 'Spose it highlights one issue about the Canama, not quite a bike, not quite a car.

    Can't say where your avatar trike fits in though. There's a road trip for you - ride that all the way to Melbourne (take that postie bikes), park it on a footpath & if anyone complains sue them for discrimination.
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