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Can-Am Spyder rego stuff up?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Grey Gentry, May 11, 2008.

  1. Local here in Mildura has bought and registered a Spyder. Vicroads (in their wisdom) has registered it as a car. But you must have a motorcycle licence to ride it. It seems to me they have it wrong. Me thinks, if you need a motorcycle licence then it should be registered as a motorcycle. Anyway cars must have seatbelts..and it surely doesn't have them.

    What about the other states..anybody know what's happening wiht the Spyder there?

  2. Was that the Porsche, Astom Martin, Ferrari, Mitsubishi, Fiat or Maserati Spyder?

    Oh, or Toyota, Triumph, or Chevrolet? I'm sure Audi had one as well. :?

    I know you know what you mean, but I don't.

  3. Says what it is in the topic: Can-Am Spyder. Saw one in the Nasho today, two wheels at the front and one behind. No leaning ability though.

    *edit*: Three seconds with Google gets me: http://spyder.brp.com/
  4. Sorry, I missed the content in the title.

    Yes, it should be registered as a motorcycle, I would think. It is even called a motorcycle on the web site. There are three wheeled cars, but I would think a car needs to have some sort of cabin, even if it is open at the top.

    What is the disadvantage of the car registration, if any? How do insurance companies categorise it? Is insurance more expensive as a car or motorcycle? Thinking about it, there are all sorts of legal ramifications of getting it wrong. Types of offenses and such. (Riding with two feet off the pegs ... in a car?? Wearing a helmet? :? ) [Still confused, but for new reasons :LOL: ]
  5. [​IMG]

    That is awesome! I want one... Tell us how you go.
  6. Saw one this afternoon at Stanwell Tops - I understood that you need a bike licence to ride one.

    Looked pretty unusual on the road, I'm not quite sure if looked good or strange?


    Edit - NSW.
  7. Yep that's the one I saw. In fact it was parked next to our bikes :)
  8. small world.
  9. Yep my mate has one, it's registered as a motorcycle
  10. Its sort of like one of those old 3 wheeled Messerschmitt things. Wonder how it would be for lane splitting... :LOL:
  11. Parking! And the big car registration plate doesn't fit/looks stupid fitted where it was designed for a bike number plate.

    Thanks Tanya.
  12. The regulation say you must have a motorcycle licence for any 2 or 3 wheeled vehicle. There is an amendment that I couldn't find that clarifies it to mean any 3 wheeld vehicle you are seated externally. If your body is enclosed it is considered a car. The old Morgan 3 wheeler has a 2 stroke motor up front driving the front wheels but you are seated inside the vehicle whith an open cabin (no top).
  13. I just sent a message to a guy I know from a jetski forum that sells them on the gold coast ,they run bike rego in QLD .
    And he said ring melbourne seadoo ,so I did and they run car rego in VIC.
    Bike licence ,car rego ,he said it was weird also. :?
    $27,000 ride way :shock:
  14. yeah I think you'll find it would be considered a trike, so it's treated like a car in terms of registration.

    Interestingly it would thus require a handbrake and you don't need to wear a helmet (well it used to be this way).
  15. CONFUSION OVERLOAD!!! :eek:hno:
  16. I believe you do need to wear a helmet on a trike down here.
  17. Yeah thought it might be different from state to state.

    So how's the new Piagio registered?
  18. Don't know...but a local mate has Gilera Foucco parked in his flat's lounge room. He hasn't registered yet. I would think a bike but? Anybody?
  19. Not sure what the regs are here, but in Europe Piaggio got them changed so that if the front wheels are less than a set distance apart (think it was 450mm) it's counted as one wheel so it's bike/scooter.
  20. That thing would take more than one bike parking space. I don't like it, less parking for us.