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Can-Am Spyder 3 wheeler

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by incitatus, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. This appeared in a 'spy shot, guess what it is ?' thread a while back. Many people thought it might be a BMW. Well, we know now. Its a joint venture between Ski-Doo/Sea-Doo, the snowmobile and Jet-Ski Mob, and BRP/Bombardier/Rotax/Evinrude.


  2. I saw one of these on Blackburn Road on the way home from work last night. Just about ran up a light pole trying to get a good look too.

    It is massive, like really big. It was also stuck in traffic... no splitting for trike. Other than that it looked pretty sweet. If it's really fast it might be alright.

    I'm confused about seeing it though, I didn't think these were out in Australia yet.
  3. There's a yellow one in Perth too. Spotted in Belmont and Midland.
  4. Great vehicle! . . . . . . . . . . .for the disabled community,
  5. i seen one 2 days ago in syd city..
  6. Or those who want to be part of that community.
    Don't really see the point in something that has all the risk of a motorcycle, but few of the advantages.
  7. Big power, light weight, huge cornering stability... I think the Spyder would be great fun in the Spurs. Absolutely impractical mind you, but it would never be short of eyeballs down chappoo street mate either.
  8. 'Cos trikes the right way round are a bigger hoot than a semi full of owls :grin: :grin: :grin: .
  9. I still reckon 4 would be more fun than 3
  10. Oh, and I'd just like to mention that my heart briefly leapt for joy upon seeing a new thread by Inci. Sadly 'twas an old one. :(
  11. Saw one three weeks ago at the Mobil servo on the Hume south of Seymour.

    The guy and his wife (from Numurkah) were taking it down for its first service.

    They are around $30,000 on the road and a blast to ride (they said). I have never seen so many people stop to look at a vehicle. He had other toys (cannot remember what, though) and they didn't mind the cold - it was about 10 degrees C!

    I would have one...


    Trevor G
  12. I followed one along victoria road ,I was in the car with the wife and I said.. what about we get you one of these {she said she would never ride a bike} and she said ,I could handle that. :grin:
    Anyways as we are going up a hill he was hooking into it and then a sharp left handler on to another road comes up... he turns SHARP left and the bike turns ,but his bodey keeped going straight and nearly come off it.
    It wanted to throw him off . :shock:
    She looked at me and said ,uumm NO I don't think its for me. :cry:

    5 minutes later we seen a Piagio 3 wheeler and she's interested in one of them. :grin:
  13. I snapped a couple of pics of one at road warriors a few weeks back.
  14. Just 'cos one numpty doesn't have a clue how to ride a non-leaning vehicle, doesn't mean the vehicle itself is a problem.
  15. Incy Wincy Spider is our Tail End Charlie! :LOL:

    Incy and Jane have been following us everywhere for a few months now.

    When I grow up and my GPX gets too small I'm going to get one :grin:
  16. i'm test riding one next Saturday ! :grin:
  17. I thought this was a forum for bike reviews, not ugly psuedo cars.


    I saw a Can-Am Spyder parked on the footpath down from my work (Collins Street). It was receiving a ticket cause it took up half the sidewalk.
  18. I'm sorry to hear. I hadn't realised you'd had an accident. I hope you get better soon.
  19. Happened to me again...

    In the interim I've spent a couple of days on one of these. At first, it feels absolutely treacherous in the corners, it quite simply wants to spit you off. Once you get your head around that - and the fact that you have to push out on the bar that you're NOT leaning in towards - you can start quite enjoying them.

    The technique I found most effective was to throw my bodyweight aggressively into the corner before I made the turn, and then hold the f*ck on. It's a very physical ride, way more so than a motorcycle. I should add, there's no way to feel like you're acting cool when you're punting this thing about, it's a highly undignified way to get around.

    Power is good, brakes are excellent - although the handlebars don't feel like they're solid enough for super hard braking, they flex a bit. It won't wheelie :( but the same inputs tend to result in a fairly impressive powerslide. Having said that, if you whack the throttle open in a tight corner, instead of the WOOHOO fishtail you'd expect, you get a BOOOOO rev limiter. So it must be g-force sensitive, because the Spyder will happily smudge rubber all the way up the road in a straight line.

    A weird vehicle, but a unique experience - it's as if you're riding an oversized quad on the road. Sucks to be stuck in the traffic, but it's quite enjoyable to wrestle the big pig around the corners. Worth a try, and an eyeball magnet wherever you go, but I don't think I'd own one. The MP3/Fuoco is a much better platform, it delivers whopping stability and massive fun but it still gets through the traffic and leans over in the corners. Plus, it's many thousands of dollars cheaper. Win!
  20. He's fine, he's just a foot shorter.