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Can a panel beater fix bikes?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by removed-6, May 31, 2007.

  1. Why are there specialist bike repairers? What is it that is beyond a regular panel beater as far as painting and fairing repairs go? They fix and paint plastic cars all the time, what's the difference?

  2. where i am there are a couple of places that specialise in motorbike fairing repairs. I dont see much of a difference, except maybe a motorbike shop will deal with more plastic welding and less bogging as such.
  3. hi....i think you will find that bike owners are generally more fussy than car owners and regular panel beaters struggle to apply such attention to detail as bike painters do...Painting bike parts is quite a bit diffrent to cars...and the most important thing is colours....we have sometimes spent a whole day just doing spray outs with transparent overlay/basecoat colours trying to get the colour right....Also our pigments in this country dont seem to have no way near the coverage/bright tones as some of the ones i used in japan(which is where most trickiest colours come from)We dont seem to have drama with harleys/ducatti's or vespa's...its always the japanes one's that give us the most trouble
  4. Thanks for the replies. So if I was able to find a panel beater who was a little fussy and had pride in his work I'd be OK? They do colour matching all the time too, why is a bike any different to a car?
  5. Formulations are more readily available for cars. If a painter cant get a formula for a car it makes the paint company look bad and there could be a threat of changing paint companies.

    Motorcycles colours aren't always formulated by paint companies and often have to be eye matched by the painter.

    And as said above, Japanese motorcyle manufacturers often use more exotic pigments and three layer pearls (as do car manufacturers, but paint companies concentrate on formulating these as a priority).
  6. You might want to give YLWGTR a PM.
    Incase you haven't seen his work it definitely speaks for itself! N*A*M had his Hornet done recently by him, i had my FZR1000 done by him, and my GSXR is going in for some work shortly.
    Very highly recommended!
  7. triway, did you have an oopsie with the gixxer?
  8. Nope, hopefully getting another bike next week, a fixer upper :wink: .
  9. I used be a spray painter many years ago, and our shop did motorcycle repairs, although we were one of the only shops in Geelong to advertise it. There was a lot to learn about neat and solid plastic fusing, and retaining flexibilty. Most car repairers replace car bumpers, mirror housings and door strips etc... not repair them.
  10. i had a scratched 250 that i was in a hurry to sell resprayed and re-stikered by a panel beater, although i supplied the stickers. they did ok, although one of the stickers had a slight bubble in it. still got a good deal when i sold the bike though