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Can a Honda CB600F be restricted for P plate legal?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Orphan, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm new around here and wasn't sure whether to post here or under the law section. I've been keen on getting my bike licence for quite a while and now that I'm moving to Brisbane at the start of January I guess I will try to get it by march depending when I can get a bike of my own.

    I've heard of a fair few bikes being restricted so they are legal on your provisional bike licence, is this only certain bikes or how is this done? I would like to get a Honda CB600F eventually. Not quite sure what i'll start on, probably a GPX250 as they are cheap and shouldn't be an issue to learn on or damage it - not that I plan to haha.

    Does anyone have any experience with the Honda CB600F (Hornet :p)? I love the look and it seems like a pretty solid bike. I'd be looking for a 98+ model. I've read some reviews and personal opinions and it seems like a good bike. Yes I know I should sit on it and ride it myself to see if its for me but at this point its not that possible, once I get riding I definitely will take one for a test ride.

    I've read heaps of new rider tips etc but am always welcome to more - when I do start riding I will definately be looking to come out with some local riders in Brisbane area to learn if anyone wants to teach me. Also are there any good instructors/courses I should do after getting my licence?

    If anyone knows of a CB600F for sale for a nice price feel free to let me know, I'll be driving up to Brisbane on the 5th of January. Unfortunately I will be living on the north side about 15 mins from the CBD but the area seems ok.

    Catchya :)
  2. It could be done. You can tune anything to a standstill, but it doesn't work that way.
  3. I was under the impression that it was simply some sort of intake restrictor or something. I guess I'll just wait until I can legally ride one. Have around 6k in the bike fund pool at the moment so that will easily get me some decent gear and a learner bike and only have to make up another grand or 2 for the CB600F once im off it.
  4. has to be approved prior to sale
  5. It's call Lams approved and has to be in this list for QLD
  6. Suffer a 250 for a year and THEN buy your Hornet. If you need any info on it, ask me or Edgelett (owner of the prettiest Hornet 600 in the country :LOL:).
  7. Egh! Why would you want to do that?

    It's like choking a magnificent gum tree with rope to stunt its growth.
  8. I'm 99% sure that a bike needs to be LAMS legal when it rolls off the factory floor. It needs to be restricted at the factory.

    Once the restriction is lifted it cannot be redone. For example if you buy a Hyo GT650r, you cannot derestrict it, sell it onto another L Plater and they get the restriction re-done.
  9. Ahh ok, that makes sense.. well its stupid but still I get what your saying. And haha its quite true about the roping a gum tree thing. I'd get a 250 hornet to learn on but they are pretty expensive for what they are considering for $1-2k more you can have a 600.

    The hornet is my favorite bike by far and after seeing one in person and sitting on it at a bike shop I want one hah :p

    Thanks for answering my questions.

    I'm guessing you like the bike hornet? haha. Any thoughts or info you'd like to share about the CB600F?
  10. Sure

    Here's what's generally considered to the be the world benchmark for Hornet obsession, http://www.hondahornet.co.uk/ :LOL:

    I've had mine for nearly 4 years now, (March '05, with 55,000kms on the clock), and it's been a terrific bike, only broken down once, (voltage regulator a few months after I bought it), and yesterday it turned over 126,000 kms, and I've never had the rocker cover off.

    The fuel tank size (16 litres, usually goes onto reserve around 220 kms) means that you have to stage your stops carefully on a long trip, and unless you get a really low-mileage model, you'll probably spend the money well on getting the seat re-upholstered, but apart from that, you'll love it.
  11. Hey Hornet,

    Well i'm all moved up to Brisbane now. Is there anything I should look out for above normal stuff on a second hand hornet? I've been reading up and have a list of some stuff but is there anything that particularly affects the hornet?

    Any tips for finding bikes? on bike sales its hard to find anything for less than 5-6k for a 1997 250... may as well get a Hyosung GT250 and have a brand new bike or spend 2-3k and get a late 90's/early 2000's GPX250. BTW i'm after a CB250F unless someone can recomend a similar bike that can be found easier and similar or cheaper price tag.

    Quick Q about the hornets, do the 250 and 600 share the same body and bolt locations for the most part? i.e. will parts labeled for a 600 fit onto a 250?

    With insurance how it is and the pretty high cost of modifying cars I think i'll just leave my Soarer stock and sell it and get another car at the end of the year and get a bike instead of spending any money on the car.

    My main reason for wanting a bike is now purely to cruise around on, would love to do some of the coast roads and mountain roads around here on a bike. Might even use it to get to uni over a car depends as my car isn't that bad on fuel when your only rolling down hills :p I've only ridden on regional roads before on some old Honda cruiser which was a super heavy bike with a v twin, fun to ride but definitely not nimble.

    Just to put it out there I'm not a tool and am definitely open to any advice or technical info related to bikes or riding. Just been poking around on the net for info and riding articles.

    About gear are leather pants NECESSARY over Kevlar reinforced jeans/cargo's. Is there much extra protection when your not hooning at 250km/hr on a race track. I just think i'd be a bit tacky in leather pants haha, probably have to get a pair if I move up to a 600 though.

    Can anyone shed light on how to choose a jacket? Is leather leather when it comes to them or are there some cheap ass leather ones that will fall apart from a light breeze or are the expensive ones just overpriced? At the very min i'll get Helmet, Gloves, Jacket, Kevlar pants and Boots for my starting gear. Also i've heard of jackets and pants that zip together so they don't ride up on you if you go for a slide, are those worth picking over standard non connecting ones? Sounds like a smart idea to me.

  12. Oh yeah is there anywhere on here I can find some pics of Edgelett's hornet?
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  14. Wow not bad at all. That bike kinda proves my point a bit more though haha, cheaper for a newer 600 than it is an older 250 :( makes no sense.
  15. *random post so I can get to 7*
  16. I heard the carby slides (the restricted part) from a Suzuki SV650 will go right into the HYO GT650's, & if you keep it off the books, it will be forever listed as a LAMS bike. Not that I would advocate such behaviour.

    (Ideally you would take it to a Hyo dealer who would modify the carb slides to make it unrestricted, then make sure the relevant authority in your state knows, whereby throwing away, oh, maybe $2000 in potential resale value!:roll: That a lot of resale on a Hyo!)

    So yeah, as Johnny Bravo said, has to be listed as restricted before you buy it, & once derestricted is no longer LAMS approved . Great if you wanna keep the bike, horrible if you ever want to sell it.
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    sorry for the late reply to this thread - i can't believe i missed it lol

    anyway here is a gallery of shots of my bike

    and here's a video showing how I transformed it from standard to how it is now

    in terms of what to look out for - ok most hornets have a slightly clunky gear box & a false neutral. but if you're changing gears & it just pops out of 2nd, that's a major problem.

    See if you can get service history, it should be serviced every 6000kms

    98/99 Hornets have a 16 inch front wheel, making it hard to get tyres. your selection is limited.

    2000 onwards they have a 17 inch front wheel

    i find it doesn't matter too much, i can still find good tyres for my hornet.

    other than that - just buy one, you'll never regret it!
  18. Thanks for the info MV, that rule system is pretty dumb to say the least but I guess its what the rules are.

    Haha I think i've actually seen that vid before. What are the tail lights you used? I've seen something similar but not the same as the ones you used.

    Question about the gear box, is the CBR box any better and would it be a bolt on replacement seeing as the hornet uses the same engine (different tune) I'd assume the transmission bolt pattern would still be the same.

    I remember reading a thread on some random site regarding 16" vs 17" rims on bikes, it was just a bunch of arguing and here say haha so for now I won't worry too much about that.

    Do you think its worth learning on a hornet 250? Still have quite along time before I can legally ride a 600. I'm just having trouble finding a hornet 250 for less than 4.8k which is such a rip off considering I've found plenty of NEWER hornet 600's for the same money. I just couldn't stand ending up on a GPX250 even though they are very cheap.
  19. i got the undertray from a crappy shop in Adelaide and it was a nightmare to fit. Basicly the brand I got was the WORST out the lot. if you want to get the same tail lights, I recommend buynig from here:
    http://www.jesterstrickbits.co.uk cause the one I got had NO instructions & involved a lot of cutting.

    I have no idea. there's nothing WRONG with the gear box, you just really feel it when you change gears & have to beware of the false neutral. it's never really been a problem for me cause i know it's there.

    yeah never been a problem for me, but thought i'd make you aware your tyre selection would be slimmer. But you still have good tyres to pick!

    hard to say, never ridden a Hornet 250 myself. I learnt on a Cb250, the most underpowered bike in the world, and I loved it. was light, easy to turn, perfect commuter. and when I stepped up, it took me a whole 24 hours to get used to the extra power & weight then I was fine.
    if you can find a Hornet 250 cheap, sure, otherwise i'd just get any random 250 & learn on that till you can get the hornbag.
  20. Have any of you guys ridden a Honda VT250 Spada? I went to a bike yard a couple days ago and had a look at the VTR250 up close but after looking around on the net its pretty hard to find one for less than 5k thats worth looking at then I bumped into the spada which is apparently just the old version of the VTR. Any thoughts? Seems pretty decent to me besides the age of the bike, some can be had for pretty good prices and they are only around 148kg and have 34-40hp (quoted from different places) and decent torque. Could be quite a fun little bike to learn on. Just looking for feedback from anyone that has owned/ridden one.