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can a gn400 engine drop into a 250 frame?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by suzifan, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. hey,

    ive got this old gn250 i use as a commuter and im very dissapointed with the power, sseeing as there is none.

    rather than buy a faster bike id rather make it faster and have a bit of fun, my question is, would a gn400 motor drop straight in?

    failing that or for a better idea, anymore got any ideas of a motor that will go in with minimal work and give it a much needed swift kick in the ass?

    any thoughts appreciated

  2. You'll probably find it cheaper just to buy a more powerful bike. That's assuming you'll be doing teh dodgy and not reporting the upgrade, and rebirthing the engine. If you try to do it teh official way then, trust me, you'll find it was much cheaper and easier to go a newer, more powerful bike!
  3. well i have more time than money, and i have been modifing anything with a motor for some years now as a hobby

    i dont like doing things by halves so it would be done properly

    i got the idea of an engine swap after i saw a fzr 250 or something like that with a klr650 motor, clean conversion and gave it a lot over the standard motor
  4. Don't know for sure, but I can say that Suzuki's tend to be very modular. Chances are it will fit.

    Dr350? There will be after-market parts for these engines.

    Google .jp
  5. If you've got a spare GN400 (or SP370 or 400) lump and a hacksaw, I can't imagine it would be impossible.

    This is the sort of thing various mates and I used to get up to all the time, way back when. There tended to be a lot of interchangeability between older Jap 250s/400s so I'd say it's quite promising, although there'd sometimes be a bracket or two that didn't quite match or something, just to ensure you wouldn't be back on the road by Monday :grin:.

    As long as the chain lines up and the engine mounts are somewhere close, you'll be OK.
  6. yeah id really like to have ago, even if it only makes the bike louder to piss off my neighbours haha