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can a dead battery live again

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by zoomer, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. is it a myth

    that if you use the contents of a good battery there may be a chance the old battery
    (if its only fault was it went dry from sitting around and is caked up )

    when refilled will batery acid will it charge and hold charge again ?

  2. How long is a piece of string????
    some will come back it just depends on what killed it and how bad the damage is. I am involved ina Co. that makes a battery monitor/charge system and part of it is a "recovery" mode. So far 3 "dead" bike batteries ahve recovered and 1 car one NOT.
  3. Depends if when it salts out that when you add the acid it will actually re-dissolve.

    Chemistry basics tell me that if it salts out to the acid salt (not the normal salts they use) then adding more acid will be less likely to get them to dissolve (equilibriums, etc) then pure distilled water. Then again some acid salts cant dissolve in water.

    worth a try at least :D
  4. looking into the battery it has a whitish powder

    a eurotred brand 6 volt cant see any date on it

    just dry from sitting for a long time unused

    i have 2 x 12 volt batteries full of acid and show 12 volts on each battery

    when I had one in my last suzuki the new battery would go flat after 3 days parked had to roll to start it
    they are expensive and dont seem to last long
  5. It is not voltage, but amperage which operates the starter motor. they do not come back from the dead
  6. depends how it dies. some short out. Others, the plates "wear out". Ther is no hope in these cases

    You may get a bit more life by giving it a really good flush and filling it with fresh acid, but you won't get half of a new battery life.
  7. Off topic Answer: Twice half its length.
  8. First off, you don't add acid to a dried up battery, you add distilled water. The acid has not evaporated, just the H2O. You only add acid if the battery has been emptied of acid. Lead acid batteries can sometimes be brought back from the dead, by 'back charging' if the reason they are dead is sulphated plates. Back charging can dissolve the sulphate back into the acid, if the acid is then drained, the battery flushed with distilled water, and then re-filled with acid, it may be recoverable. I used to do this when I was young and poor, but personally I would buy a new battery if you can even remotely afford one...
  9. by the intrest I am glad I brought this subject up

    I will either to the dead one demineralised water

    what have I got to loose

    if that doesnt work ill add acid

    next toss it away

    thanks for all the great ideas