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Can a anyone confirm if i have the right oil filter?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by emilmh, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Hi,
    To cut a long story short, i have an oil filter which is meant to be for my bike, a 1989 Kawasaki Ninja 250R-II (jap import gpx).

    Problem is im not 100% sure and i obviously want to be sure that it is the right one to use.

    The Oil Filter is a: "HifloFiltro" brand, Number: "HF 401 to replace Kawasaki 16099-003" (amongst others)

    I have checked the manual for the bike but i cant find an oil filter number anywhere!!! :(

    PLeas can anyone confirm if this oil fitler will work or not...
  2. www.buykawasaki.com lists the GPX250 oil filter as part 16111-003, a cartridge filter.

    Take the filter out of its box and hold it against the filter housing on your engine; does it look like it'll fit? If so, go for your life. Crack the housing, take the icky old filter out and compare it to the new one. If there's a difference in length or diameter, take the new filter back and get the correct one.

    If you or the salesbloke down the bikeshop looked up the part number in a catalogue, you should be very safe indeed.

    Report back how you went.

    Good work on not being too proud to ask, too.
  3. :? i have no idea how you found that?? i looked on the page and wasnt able to find any numbers for filters or anything to do with oil filters!

    If the number you found is correct (would be great if anyone else could confirm/deny) then would anyone know what the filter i have is for? and if its possible to use it for my bike anyway? (ie. it may be for a bike which is almost exactly the same and so might work anyway...)
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  5. If you go to the Hiflo website www.hiflofiltro.com you'll find that pretty much every variation of the EX250 (GPX, GPZ, ZZR and Ninja 250s) all use the same HF-401 filter.