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Camry slams brakes in front of motorcyclists

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Jaytee, Nov 26, 2015.


  1. Discuss..

  2. no brake lights?
  3. Unfortunately there are idiots everywhere but the biker's insurances will have to cover this one unless it is taken further I'd assume...
  4. Camry.

    Says it all.
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  5. Only one, can see the left hand brake light for a second.

    Stupid place to just randomly stop, wonder what the reasoning was. That being said, there was a fair bit of warning, the two bikes closest to the car went around it fine. The third guy must have been playing follow the tail light of the bikes in front.
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  6. WTF did he stop for???? Unless it was to brake-test the bikes? Or a 'roo?
    Very, very hard to predict that kind of behaviour. But if the first two could avoid it, the third should have been able to.
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  7. FWIW, I think the driver was slowing/stopping to let all the bikes past on the straight, and the rider that slammed into him wasn't paying attention and just ran straight up into him. Probably accelerating to make an overtake and looking beyond the car into the oncoming lane or the approaching curve for oncoming cars.
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  8. I think you might be right Mouth. Car is over on the shoulder - trying to give ample room. Looks like the rider just stuffed up - lack of paying attention. Very sad given the driver was trying to do the right thing (if that's the case). Driver was missing at least 1 brake light, potentially 2. (Do cameries have a 3rd rear window brake light)?
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  9. Well.. I think that the rider should have been wearing a helmet cam instead of a bike cam so we could see what happened next! ;)
  10. Either way, you're responsible for the vehicle in front, so the bike's in the wrong and will probably be charged with neg driving to add to his bike damage and his wounded pride....
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  11. If I slow to do this in the car I wind down the window and wave the bikes past, its a bit hard to read minds and know what happened here.
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  12. First thing I thought was.....that has to be the worst place to put a camera ever. Cover up that speedo!!
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    The car only has one brake light, but they all manage to avoid it except for the dude that plowed into it.

    The guy who posted the video said

    "White camry was in front doing 60kms through the corners as we all were than exiting the right hander she put it in reverse without warning or brake lights" - Craig"

    The only Camry i know that can go from 60 to reverse is a HIRE CAR! And also, i didn't see any reverse lights.

    I'll take "Tailgating and Target Fixation" for $300 thanks Alex! :sneaky:
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  14. If you don't have 5 seconds vision then slow down.
    The bikes were ignoring the basic following distance mantras .... not to mention awful cornering lines :-/
  15. The driver might have been trying to do the right thing, but coming to a complete stop is not ideal, unless you're completely off the road. Faulty brake lights don't help either.

    I also believe the rider made some basic errors, such as: following too close and poor e-braking. If he was accelerating to pass, that might explain the poor reaction time, when trying to stop quickly.

    It's difficult to draw conclusions without speaking to both parties.
  16. Poor driving, but completely the riders fault. It doesn't matter why the car stopped, the rider should never have run into it.
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  17. More like 'Camry slows when I wasn't expecting it.' Well, expect it.
  18. Haven't read all the posts yet so it may be said, but there is one issue that isn't being raised here passing on a double unbroken white line. Pretty confident everyone has done it at some point or another but at the end of the day it may be that even though Camry drivers are problem people with their driving at the best of times. Maybe he/she was trying to slow nad move out of the way to allow a safer passing maneuver by all the bikes following. Just putting it out there.
  19. just goes to show: you shouldn't read your copy of: Guide for L-plate riders" whilst you are riding your bike............................this rider did everything in the book wrong
  20. unless he was checking his mirrors to make sure he wasn't going to take out the bike behind him by swerving hard and missed the fact that the car continued to stop.