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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm trying to break in the idea of camping to the mrs and kid.

    So what are some essentials needed for camping. Not necessarily hardcore camping, more like at camping sites.

    List of things I can think of:

    Sleeping bag
    Bog rolls
    Fishing rod/tackle/bait
    Food for when you don't catch any fish

    So, anything I've left out?

    Also, any one know of good sites around Sydney?
  2. I suggest something to cook in or on, a BBQ plate or a cast iron cooking oven or something like that.
  3. Maybe try camping at a caravan park first to ease them into the idea. Means a lot less stuff to pack, and not having to crap in a hole in the ground.
  4. There's also small loo's designed with campers in mind which might put the ms's mind at ease
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    The basin up at palm beach is my fav camping area in sydney. You have to ferry across but its got bbqs and toilets. Just make sure you book one of the fire holes.

  6. Beer
    Backup beer
  7. + Back up Port
  8. + bottle of Stones and backup
  9. I'm assuming you want to be reasonably comfortable without carting 10 tonnes of stuff around.

    This is the setup I take for car camping:
    * 4 man standing head room dome tent with vestibule
    * fold-up camp kitchen, which has room for camp stove and zipup mesh food storage shelves
    * camp stove, gas bottle
    * beach chair for sitting on (I like to sit with my legs straight out, so the beach chair style works for me)
    * folding camp stretcher
    * sleeping mat
    * sleeping bag and liner
    * pillow
    * rig a clothes line inside the tent for hanging up stuff, clothes pegs
    * basin or collapsible bucket for washing up, tea towel, washing up liquid, scourer, sponge
    * cutlery, crockery for eating
    * pot, frypan, good knife, wooden spoon,
    * a couple of serving bowls
    * toiletries, loo paper
    * towel
    * lantern or head torch for reading
    * radio/some form of music for entertainment

    * food
    * clothes

    Looks like a lot, but most of the stuff folds down to fairly compact size. I can get all of it quite easily into the boot of my WRX, with a couple of things on the back seat (my back seat is fixed, so I can't move it to increase boot space)

    If you had a station wagon or 4WD, the above would take no space at all. The tent is a DMH Snowy, which at 12 kg including pegs and poles was the lightest and cheapest 4 man standing height tent I could find at the time I bought it. It is now discontinued but there are similar style tents around.
  10. Motorcycle and credit card.
    Your wife and kids wont like camping.
  11. If you follow my post you skip
    Atro post.
    Only comfort to worry about is southern
  12. Appropriate clothing - jeans, decent joggers or preferably lace up hiking/work boots, high socks, sun glasses, hats.
    Bug repellent and sunscreen. First aid kit. Waterless hand soap. Small cloths you can wash your face with.
    If you're going exploring/bush walking in an area you're not familiar with take a map or GPS if you know how to use one, and tell someone where you are going, for how long, when you expect to be back.

    Take you own water in jugs and bottles.
  13. Thanks all, useful info, keep it coming.

    I can't believe I forgot to mention a loaded esky. I hang my head in shame and ask another question of where do I hand in my man card :( :( :(
  14. He's got a point - if they don't like it you don't have to take 'em.

    But if you must, JD is right, start at a caravan park with all the facilities. Ease them into the great outdoors one step at a time. If you need something you can go to the shop and buy it.

    For my mob of soft city dwellers there's the (large) sleeping tent, and the (tall) kitchen tent, inflatable lilos and an electric pump, sleeping bags, plastic tableware, camp litchen, card tables (2), eskys, rechargeable inspection lights, gas cooker, frypan and pot, fold up chairs etc. etc. Buggers even insist on interlocking matting so they don't get their feet dirty. And Monopoly. I drew the line at the plasma.
  15. My list:

    Tent - for three of you I would suggest 4 person.
    Mattresses - I buy the large thick air mattresses that are really cheap at BCF or getaway outdoors.
    Electric pump - plugs into ciggy socket. I now have one on my bike too.
    Sleeping bags - we have a pair that zip together (nice)
    Pillows - I can't sleep without one.
    Body washing gear and towels.

    Everything else you can work out on your first trip. Most camping grounds have bbq's, showers etc. Unless you are really going bush. Try some close to home first, with reasonable comfort. Enjoy!
  16. Oh yeah, I can fit all of that onto the back of a bike. So it isn't as hard as it sounds to get out there.
  17. Just book a shack
  18. +10000000000000000000 bug repellant
  19. Dont forget the Aerogard
  20. My list.

    Double swag - also got a 4 man tent if I need extra space
    Swag bag - wider than normal sleeping bag
    Old tent poles and paracord to string up hootchie over swag - rain protection without sacrificing ventilation.
    pan, plates, cutlery, bbq hotplate
    torch, knife, lighter
    Ice chest full of beer and food.
    Aaaand a comfy chair.

    Tent would be better for family as swags take up ALOT of room.