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Camping trackside MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Crafar, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Greeetings netriders,
    Crafar and friend are riding from Syd to PI leaving Thur getting to PI on Fri lunch(fingers crossed) a couple of questions from a novice GP goer.

    we are camping trackside and was wondering if its a free for all set up anywhere or are there marked out sites for pitching ya tent.

    Im on the Twin so luggage consists of, rider and stubby holder, anything Im missing? tips hints or must haves whilst there.

    Is there anyone else a camping from NR , like to meet and swap war stories? tried to search but not worky.

    Chairs Crafar
  2. first in best dressed
  3. cheers scooter just like Bathurst then, note: pack shotgun.
  4. Hmmmmm....... i am sure Flipper can give you some pointers. This year will be my first time to. Not sure how i will go drinking nothing but beer for five days. :grin:
  5. still not sure about my accommodation for GP this year... if it doesn't go ahead then I'll b camping too :? :beer:

    Looking at going down to PI on Friday and back home on Monday... :grin:
  6. Hello Crafar,

    I also have a penchant for faggy Italian sportsbikes, so I would probably pack the following:

    Coffee plunger and favourite machiatto glass.
    1 Pair of underwear.
    Stubby Holder.
    Credit Card.
    Aprilia breakdown service membership.

    You have now run out of luggage room on your bike and will have to resort to sleeping in tipped over wheely bins in your leathers.

    You'll have a tops weekend.
  7. Trackside Campground

    Bikes and Tents Only
    Adult $99 Concession $47

    Highside Campground

    Cars, Motorhomes, Caravans, Bikes, Tents, etc (formerly Carpark Campground)
    Adult $71 Concession $33

    General Information

    To access the campgrounds, a circuit admission ticket (either 3-day general admission, grandstand or VIP Hospitality) MUST BE purchased in conjunction with the campground ticket either prior to or on arrival to entering the campground.

    Campground ticket prices include access to both campgrounds from Thursday 14 September to 12 noon Monday 18 September 2006 irrelevant of length of stay. Reduced campground prices are not available for shorter stays.

    Specific sites cannot be reserved and are available on a first come, first serve basis.

    If you are arriving after 3pm Saturday 16 September a minimum of a Sunday only General Admission ticket plus a valid campground ticket is required to stay in the campgrounds.
  8. Any other info you want?
    Rolla, Firefling, Phanoongy and myself are heading down Thursday morning and will be camping trackside untuil Monday :grin:
    13 days to go!!!!!!
  9. Nope thats all ,Crafar thanks all
  10. Well look out for the Hawaiian shirts in the campground and if you can't find me, ask for Deb. The guys we camp with don't know me as Flipper as they aren't Netriders ;)
  11. So if someone wants to come and VISIT someone who's camping, can they do so?
  12. Nope, you can't get into the campground without the wristband. But if you want to visit us Steve, walk along the fenceline between the camp ground and the track and you will see us :grin:
  13. So who else will be camping trackside this year?
    3 Sleeps to go!!!! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :beer: :beer:
  14. [/quote]
    Nope, you can't get into the campground without the wristband. But if you want to visit us Steve, walk along the fenceline between the camp ground and the track and you will see us :grin:-(/quote]

    Geez Louise,sounds like a prison visit Flip, "we can chat thru the wire,but the screws will be watchin" :eek:hno: we can smuggle you in some drugs too, if you wanna pay the right price, but you gota dig em out. :butt:
  15. No Ken, it's to keep all you yobbos OUT!!!! :LOL:

  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Sleeping in your leathers...mmmmm.......comfy!
    Just make sure you get so sloshed you can't feel things anymore!
  17. got all the tickets + leaving thursday morning also...
    Trackside camping / big tents / live bands / lots of grog + the bike races ....
  18. Come say g'day to us Phil. Look out for the hawaiian shirts, we camp down near the fenceline :grin:
  19. If you still have trouble finding them Phil, keep an eye out for the green mountain of VB cans :)
  20. Guess I won't be coming to visit then, since I won't have a wristband.