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camping tour routes.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Hey,
    Since getting my bike Im keen to go travelling for maybe a long weekend or a week and take some camping gear and see some sights around victoria mayb NSW.
    Im pretty new to Australia and dont really have much clue as of where to head and which roads to take for the best ride experience. It wont be just about getting from A-B but about the best ride route to get there.
    I want to be able to pitch up a tent and then pack up next day and off somewhere else.
    I thought it might be good to travel a distance than just head out for a couple of hours a day and always have a boring run home.

    So if anybody has a route or any ideas on a little touring ride a newbie could do as a first big tour then let me know.
    Please remember Im on a wittle Vt250 but Im content with that at the moment.
    And if there is any special things I need to take due to riding around then please advise. Like tools and stuff, not that id know what to do anyway ?

  2. There's a Hema roadmap on the market (available at all good book stores) that lists the 50 best biking roads in Australia.

    In fact, it has recently been updated to include the 100 best biking roads in Australia.

    Get that and you'll get a fair go at some of the best in Oz (loads in Victoria and NSW).
    If you are prepared to wait until Christmas time, I'm planning on having a bit of a run up towards NSW for a week or so, taking in some of the finest roads :)
  3. Well, if you want a nice trip and a good camping destination, try North east Vic.

    (get a map) St Andrews, Kinglake, Melba Hwy, Yea, Mansfield, Whitfield, Oxley, Milawa

    Option 1: Myrtleford, Bright, (good camping) Harrietville (good camping).

    Nect day, retrace steps, or continue over Mt Hotham to Omeo, Bairnesdale, and back to melb.

    Option 2: Beechworth, Yakandandah, Talangatta, Granya, Jingelic. Good camping behind pub. Next day, retrace steps, or do Tintaldra, Corryong, Keiwa, Yakandandah etc and home.

    Too many options to mention.

    I posted a longer trip a few weeks ago. Search the site for "Tangambalanga".

    What to take? companions. Touring and camping is more fun in a small group.

    I rely on RACV Total Care to get me home if I need it (but then I carry a pretty comprehensive toolkit and can fix most 'fixable' things beside the road.

    Tents designed for cycle touring are good for motorcycle touring. Good sleeping bags are essential. I like Self-inflating airbeds. Mine is a Jackaroo from Kmart.
  4. Stookie..I'll be taking a touring journey around the 2nd Oct. Going to Jindabne, via Towoonga, Bright, Corryong, Thredbo. Then probably towards Bega the back to Melbourne via the coast.

    You're more than welcome to join me for the trip or part of. I've done the trip once back in Feb on my Spada without any problems.

    Thevt250c is the cruiser right??