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camping? swag or tent

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by pragnasty, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. gday
    im interested in the fellow netriders take with them (eg tents/swags) on camping trips on the bike???

    i usually take a mesh dome with waterproof fly, and another hiker fly with two extendable poles to sit above to give me some shade..... its a bit bulky and i was wondering what the other alternatives are?
    i like my current setup because its not to claustraphobic and good in the rain. (+ i can garage the bike :LOL: )

    thoughts on swags? never slept in one.

    my current set up
    http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c258/pragnasty/carnarvon gorge/100_1474.jpg

    how to load a bike :shock:
    http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c258/pragnasty/carnarvon gorge/100_1463.jpg
  2. Small, waterproof 2 person dome tent for me.
    Packs away inside my kit bag, weighs nowt.

    One can hardly say that a swag packs away unoticed. They are much heavier than my tent as well. And I don't like lying exposed on the ground without the tent around me.
  3. I have a small "bicycle" tent, sleeping bag and self inflating mat - all three fit nicely in a 37L Ventura bag :) (I use a set of soft panniers to carry everything else - though I can still fit stuff in the Ventura bag if I expand it).
  4. Swag's are just way too big and where do you keep everything if it rains? Granted I see plenty of them strapped to headlights, but, the weight and bulk of them far outweigh their advanatge.

    Dome tent, and self-inflating mat make for a great set up. I can put everything in my tent and use sissy bar bag as an esky :cool:

    This photo shows camping gear for two nights including tent, sleeping bag and inflating mat on rack held down by Andy Strazp and sissy bag sitting on pillion seat


    Anyone got any recommendations for a comfortable chair that is compact and reasonably priced?
  5. Swag, waterproof,warm sleeping bag inside accross pillion seat, saddlebags for the rest
  6. i was looking at that too.....
    i just came back from a trip of about 2 days so i bought a fold up chair with backrest but its just to bloody bulky.... :LOL: comfortable though....

    if youve got an inflatable mat u can get a "trekker chair" which wraps round your mat, and then locks together and you can adjust the angle. bout $40 bucks. me bros got one and says theyre sweet.
    my next purchase :wink:

  7. I've always been partial to a Credit card and 5 Star Motel Directory myself :LOL:
  8. pragnasty - found the chair, that looks the goods - except no stubbie holder :cry: and not real cheap :shock:

    Kermit Chair
  9. If i were you id stick with your set up. fly tents are light and easy to p[ack away quickly.
    Sawgs are really heavy because they are made from the heavy duty canvas to keep water out, plus most have a foam inner matress that prevents it from rolling up small like.
  10. I looked at lightweight swags but they are still bulky, ended up with 2 man dome from Rays tent city $28 on special :) figure at that price couldnt go wrong.
  11. Hubby & the boys would love to be roughing it. Im a typical girl, I do like to have four walls, hot & cold running water & a comfy bed. Heater, air con lol what ever the season may be ... shall i go on?
  12. Pragnasaty,

    i think your setup is pretty good. If you want to go a step up i would go with a small 2 man dome tent. If you go to a good camping store (or somewhere like Kathmandu) they will have a selection of tents that pack up really small.

    As already said, swags are too big. But they are more comfortable.

    I have a 2 man dome tent and a canvas tarp to make a little annex type arrangement out the front. Works pretty well for me. All the camping gear fits in one pannier and the other is free for my belongings.
  13. Swag's are definitely more convenient in they take virtually no time to setup and are also very robust. Tents on the other hand can take a little while to setup and are very lightweight and tend to tear and break zippers.
    With the road bike, I tend to just stay in motels.
    But often do a lot of camping when I go offroading. If it's just me I just take the swag and sleep in the back of the ute.
    If the missus comes along then we take a tent and blow up mattress.
  14. _UPDATE_

    ending up buying a blackwolf bivvy bag instead..
    claustraphobic like a swag but light as a tent...

    plus it comes in black.. :twisted:

    and all for $99
    packs down to nothing,, weighs 1.3kgs
    took me 5mins to set up.. middle unzips to reveal mesh..vents at feet and head. great little tent and i fit comfortably at 1.8m tall.
  15. Room to keep you and some gear dry/protected if it rains?

    I have one of these, The Snail, but haven't actually used it yet. (don't think you can get them anymore?) Most of my previous touring has been with a group, and sharing caravan park cabins is heaps economical and far easier :)
  16. I'm not up on the terminology, but I have a little tent, a self-inflating mattress and a ball-tearer sleeping bag. The whole lot packs into the area that a sleeping bag used to take up when I was a kid. When I get carried away, I've also got a little Trangia stove and some dehydrated meals. Jamie Oliver wouldn't put his name to them, but they keep you from falling over.
    I like the tent - which is easy to erect - (http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/2042/377/1600/wollomombicamp3.jpg) because it has a little space above my head for storing ..., umm..., stuff, and the side entrance has a spot which is outside the main body of the tent but still covered by the fly for putting my boots in.
  17. i normally just put all my riding gear on top of my bike with a security cable through it, and then just wack my bike cover over it.. simple!!
    if you wonder why i wont put my bike gear in the tent with me... after a long ride take a good whiff of youre leathers.... squished insects combined with sweat has a potent perfume.!! :p

    but if found the easy way to make do with a small tent is to put youre feet in youre backpack when u sleep. keeps youre feet insulated, and youre gear out of the way..